Nights And Days In A Dark Carnival: Time Spent With Juggalos

Written by: Craven Rock

Illustrated by: Damon Thompson

Release: December 24, 2013

Format: E-book

File Size: 14325KB

Print Size: 153 pages

Craven Rock’s curiosity with the Juggalos (the fan base of the Insane Clown Posse, a white rap duo from Detroit) began when he noticed kids in Seattle painting themselves up as wicked clowns.

For the next few years, Rock delved into Juggalo culture: researching ICP’s music, underground fame, and their philosophies, to help understand what compelled people to identify with ICP with almost religious fervor.

Craven Rock’s research cumulates in attending the Gathering of the Juggalos, and through interviews, inquiry and analysis, Craven Rock offers us his theories on Juggalo attraction, Faygo soda, classism, oil-wrestling, ICP’s marketing strategies, People of Color within the Juggalo Family, horror-core rap, and the underlying religious motivations of the Dark Carnival, as well as many other subjects.

Nights and Days in A Dark Carnival is Craven Rock’s debut full-length book, and is told in the same casual yet explorative way that gained this mid-west taxi-driver turned unconventional
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