Christian Juggalo

Written by: Patrick Patton

Release: September 25, 2014

Format: E-book or Paperback

File Size: 697KB

Print Size: 276 pages

Patrick Patton, an accomplished poet and jack-of-all-trades, has completed his first book “Christian Juggalo”: an existential exploration of being and perception. Written to awake the human soul and heighten personal awareness, this work is a mind expanding trek into thoughtfulness.

On how he described his book of poetry, author Patrick Patton said, “My book is a collection of poems about family, love, and religion. I would hope that the readers see a faithful servant of Christ that is trying to minister to the lost world in different way. My characters Violent Pat and Pure Love the Christian Vampire was given to me by God himself. As a Christian, I think that it's time for a new era in the Psychopathic Family also. If Psychopathic Records allows me to become their first ever Christian rapper they will not regret it.”

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, Patrick Patton’s poignant collection of poems is an inspirational work which illustrates the healing power of belief and the freedom and truth the Holy Spirit brings to light. Those seeking purpose, joy, and excellence will find the path to their future within the pages of this insightfully crafted work of art.

A collection of delicately written Christian poems, “Christian Juggalo” will definitely leave a mark in your soul. Patrick Patton impeccably created poems that presented God’s great love. His poems are written with great compassion and love of God. It describes the real battle between the flesh and the spirit which he signifies that above all things God is always there to readily help us win our battles in life. For every struggle and pain, he is there. For every blissful and wonderful moment, he is always there. This collection gives hope and security for all.

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