The Pendulum #02

Release: April 2000

www.insaneclownposse.com stated March 2000 as releasedate

Script: Jesse McCann, ICP (plot)

Pencils: Jerry Beck

Inks: Sandu Florea

Colors: Jason Jensen, John Merrifield

Letters: Oscar Gongora, Comicraft

Publisher: Chaos! Comics

Pages: 22

This is the second book of the Pendulum serie. Once again, the Tower Cover is slightly rarer, as both include the future Dark Lotus track, I Don't Care.


After killing the crooked Mayor Gibbons, the wicked clownz fight their way through a battalion of police. Shaggy 2 Dope is shot by a cop and Violent J is forced to ask the Riddlebox to help his partner. The Riddlebox says that the Dark Carnival will not always assist the Clownz-this time they must find support on their own. Violent J takes Shaggy to a priest named Jesus, who miraculously heals Shaggy's wound. Meanwhile at the dreaded solution compound, the creature Killnor sends forth two of his most potent demons: Madrox and Monoxide - also known as TWIZTID!! Twiztid attacks the Clownz and a raucous battle ensues. But the demons are forced to withdraw when one of them is driven into light- light is their only weakness. Twiztid laughs at Shaggy and Violent J as they flee, however. They tell the Clownz that the fight was only a distraction while lesser demons commit a full frontal assault on the priest Jesus. Will ICP get back to the chirch on time to save Shaggy's savior? Read on, Juggalos!

Tracklist cd-single: (click for the lyrics)

01. I Don't Care  


Regular Cover

Tower Records Cover

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