The Pendulum #03

Release: June 2000

www.insaneclownposse.com stated May 2000 as releasedate

Script: Jesse McCann, Jumpsteady (plot)

Pencils: Jerry Beck

Inks: Sandu Florea

Colors: Colorgraphix

Letters: Oscar Gongora, Comicraft

Publisher: Chaos! Comics

Pages: 22

This is the third book of the Pendulum serie.Once again, the Tower Records cover is slightly rarer. The song $50 bucks didn't make the cut for The Amazing Jeckel Brothers because of uncleared samples by Led Zepplin.


Boo-yaah! The evil Killnor, to bring about his final solution, has ordered the Chief of the Detroit PD to send in The Stress Team- a commando-style squad of covert rogue cops- to eradicate the Wicked Clowns! Will these heavily armed fanatics catch Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope with their pants down? Well, maybe, but it don't mean our favorite Insane Clowns are gonna take it lying down! Floor-dropping, ax-wielding, firestorm-exploding fun. PLUS the return of the Amazing Jeckel Brothers, Jack and Jake!

Tracklist cd-single: (click for the lyrics)

01. $50 Bucks  


Regular Cover

Tower Records Cover

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