The Pendulum Trade Paperback

Release: November 2000

Written by: Jesse McCann

Illustrated by: Jerry Beck / Sandu Florea

Pages: Unknown

Like the other Trade Paperback comic, this also features the first three Pendulum comics all in one book.


Now's the time Juggalo's. Join the bad-ass carnival of terror. One evil son of a #%#$ has been slowly taking over the world. But the Wicked Clownz keep getting in the way of his plans. In response the dark being conjures up a pair of wicked warriors to fight the Insane Clowns. The warriors known as Twiztid! It's ax-wielding, firestorm-exploding, make-your-mother-cry fun as Violent J. and Shaggy 2 Dope summon the power of the Dark Carnival to battle this dangerous force and everything it can throw at them.



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