The Pendulum #11
Dia De Los Muertes

Release: October 2001

www.insaneclownposse.com stated September 2001 as releasedate

Script: Jesse McCann, Jumpsteady (plot)

Pencils: Jerry Beck

Inks: Sandu Florea

Colors: Colorgraphix

Letters: Oscar Gongora, Comicraft

Publisher: Chaos! Comics

Pages: 22

This is the eleventh comic book in the Pendulum serie.


The penultimate (that means next-to-last, y'all) Pendulum issue comes at you like a flat-out kick in the face and it's so jam-packed with crotch kicking, demon-sticking, finger-licking clown action, it's a wonder two staples can hold this shit together! ICP and Jesus, along with an army of well, you'll have to see them to believe them attack Killnor Industries in a frontal assault so wicked, it makes the first twenty minutes of Private Ryan look like a girlie tea party! Guest starring The Amazing Jeckel Brothers, The Great Milenko, The Stress Team and several noxious denizens of the Nether Void. Be their juggalos, and you might be spared!

Tracklist cd-single: (click for the lyrics)

01. Run!  



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