Ruby Bruce

Real name: Ruby Bruce

Psychopathic Name: unknown

Nicknames: unknown

Birthday: December 01, 2006

Hair: Ruby Red

Eyes: Brown

Race: White, Caucasian

Brother: Joseph Bruce II

Twitter - @RubyBruceLee

Ruby is the daughter of Violent J and Sugar Slam and born in 2006. She is more shy than her brother who is whole into Psychopathic. Ruby rathers stays at home.

In 2012 (I think) Violent J and Sugar Slam made a song for her called "Ruby Song"
In 2016 she appeared in the video of "Falling Apart" from The Marvelous Missing Link (Lost).

In 2018 Ruby and her dad Violent J starts a webserie called Snake Busters. They're taking down bad online purchases and deals of dubious quality.

Episode (click episode to watch)
July 09, 2018 Furry Fury
September 29, 2018 Can't "Cover Up" Their Snaky Ways

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