Carnival Of Carnage

Release: October 18, 1992


General info

The Dark Carnival came to Violent J in a dream, and this nightmare vision fortold the coming of six Joker's Cards. The Dark Carnival idea and imagery would define the ICP for the rest of their career. The first vision, which would begin the Joker's Card saga, was of the Carnival of Carnage. Aside from starting an epic, this album features guest appearances by Detroit rap legends Esham and a then-unknown Kid Rock. This album features the classic track "The Juggla," which inspired the name "Juggalo" as well as the last appearance of John Kickjazz, who left ICP for good before the album came out. Some versions were released without the tracks Night of the Axe and Blackin' your Eyes. Twiztid covered the classic First Day Out on their first major release.

Tracklist (click for the lyrics)

01. Intro  
02. Carnival Of Carnage 2:33
03. The Juggla 4:55
04. First Day Out 4:21
05. Red Neck Hoe 4:50
06. Wizard Of The Hood 5:24
07. Guts On The Ceiling 4:25
08. Is That You? 4:34
09. Night Of The Axe 5:00
10. Psychopathic 4:43
11. Blackin' Your Eyes 4:40
12. Never Had It Made 5:45
13. Your Rebel Flag 4:24
14. Ghetto Freak Show 4:14
15. Taste 5:09
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