Violent J's Personal Review of BANG POW BOOM!

Calling all Juggalos! Get yours by this weekend and help ICP chart high! The official return of the Dark Carnival Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope with long time producer Mike E. Clark! Available in 3 crazy fresh versions! Pick your poison or FLEX the TRIPLE THREAT!

Blue and Yellow Intro "BEAUTIFUL DOOM" - Hidden Track "OVER A BITCH"

Red and Yellow Intro "CREEPY FREAK SHOW" - Hidden Track "OUR HERO"

Green and Yellow Intro "THE CLOWNS ARE BACK" - Hidden Track "CHOP CHOP SLIDE"

Also in the packaging each version comes with 3 exclusive band photos.

The main booklet of Bang! Pow! Boom! Features a nice, clean, sun shiny suburban neighborhood. As you turn through the pages you start to notice something wrong is happening. Things are exploding in this perfect place. First a garage is on fire. Then a bigger explosion happens. Then you see a house is rattled and falling apart. Then you see a giant crator is blown onto someone's front lawn. As you keep turning the pages eventually you see the whole neighborhood exploding into fire, burnt wreckage and ash. The sky is darkened and grows darker as the madness looms underneath.

Also in the main booklet are album credits and ICP's shout outs for days. Plus all the tour dates for the upcoming Bang! Pow! Boom! U.S. Tour. Not to mention hidden messages within the artwork reveal a secret web site, a secret new hotline number and the time and location for a secret super event!

Plus more surprises all within the dope ass artwork and packaging of Bang! Pow! Boom!


What up everybody. Imma give a quick break down of each song. Ill try and tell you our intentions and how we feel each track turned out. As we go a little somethin' like this.. HIT IT!

"IN YO FACE" This is the album's official shit talking song. It's also the albums first full song so what better way to kick it all off than to talk some smack. There's a couple of heart felt lyrics we put in this song that I really hope people pick up on. For example when I say "Some scream Juggalo only when it's convenient, and know they don't mean it, we sick of being lenient." And when Shaggy says "Phonies out there posing as Juggalos but see it as a demographic to push what have it, in yo face". Take it how you want to. We know what it means and if any group, rappers, bands or just regular ninjas feel offended by those lyrics it must be because that's what there doing. This song was originally gonna be called something more along the lines of "Pie In Yo Face" but in the end we dropped the "Pie" and felt just "In Yo Face" was a fresher quote for the song. I really like the bounce of the beat. We've always liked to really kick the albums off with a good shit talking song. "The Show Must Go On", "Hokus Pokus", "The Juggla" ect. I like yelling on some songs, I feel like I don't have the best voice when yelling but at least it gives the passion we're looking for. And of course Shaggy 2 Dope's yelling voice is absolutely classic. I think the chorus really turned out fresh. It sounds like either a bunch of clowns signing it or maybe a bunch of ladies. To me the hook just sounds original and were mad happy with it. This is a song definetly meant to be rocked up at a high ass volume and also ninjas can expect to hear this bad boy in concert while they receive some two liters in yo face!

"THE BONE" This is a song people tell me would make a sweet ass video but I disagree. I think the best video for it is already the one that plays in your own head when you hear the song. Some songs already come with there own built in videos and I think this is one of them. This is a tale we often like to tell in many different versions. It's basically the tail of a serial killer on the run with high octane and mad action. Mike's beat for this was so fuckin' crazy sounding I had no idea what the fuck to do with it. I just knew it was dope and we had to kill it. I took it home and brought back the lyrics to "The Bone" in the morning. We had mad fun putting all them sound effects and mini skits all throughout the song. People think Shaggy is not on this song but that's him singing on the hook. I like to think "The Bone" is another classic ICP style song along the same lines as "Night of the Axe", "Night of the 44", "Psychopathic", Shaggy 2 Dope's "They Shootin" and many more that we've done over the years. I hope ninjas are feelin' it, I know the music is way different but that's why we fucked with it in the first place, to give yall something original and new sounding with that classic flavor on top of it.

"ZOMBIE SLIDE" The beat Mike E. Clark made for this song, ordered us to make this a funky dead body dance song. While this song might be similar to Headless Boogie, when you've got 15 albums out like we do, that shit's just gonna happen. Some songs are gonna touch on firmilar subjects. I could say this song was also inspired by Michael Jackson's thriller video, and I probably should, but honestly we didn't make the comparison until after the song was done. Mike's beat told us what this song was about and that's how it came to be. Hopefully the song sheds some light on death if that's even possible. Something just feels good about saying "fuck dying, when I die I'm gonna bust a fuckin dance". I cant explain it, but it even feels good to type that. That's what the music said and we wrote it as such. "Fuck heaven and hell, they can both wait, when I die, I'm freakin the snake". I think my favorite Shaggy 2 Dope line in the song is "My left eyeball hangs outta my face, when I'm crumpin' at a murderous pace". I heard stories about a Juggalo that passed from a car crash on the way home from the Gathering a couple years back. I hope in some crazy way this song makes his people feel better. If even for a brief second of stupidity, we just wanted to take some of the grim out of death and leave you with the possibility that maybe while we're grieving over a lost loved one, he or she is up there bustin a foot float waitin for us.

"2 CATCH A PREDATOR" We were actually mixing the album down and we realized we needed one more song that's actually saying something. We needed a song that attacks an evil. I had a blast writing this song because I knew it was hot to death. The TV show "To Catch a Predator" on MSNBC is without a doubt the fuckin' best. Watching all those fuckin' creeps go down one after another. That show is ahead of its time. It's the most futuristic show on TV. Think about it for a half second. A Show that actually bust pedophiles on TV. That's fuckin' awesome! I could easily see myself killing pedophiles in real life and having no guilt. The only reason I don't do it is because I'd probably get caught. So its nice to live it out through my music. The funniest shit about the TV show is when they bring a bag with drinks, and what ever else in it. As the pervert is trying to talk his way out of trouble the host always says "We'll did you bring condoms?" and they always did. What the fuck? One guy on the TV show said. " I came here to tell her parents! I wasn't gonna do a thing with her, I was just going to talk to her until her parents came home and tell them what there daughter was up to." And then Chris Hanson the host asked "Well what about condoms, did you bring condoms? And he's like "..yeh." Good cause the next question is why did you email her a picture of you holding your dick?" Fuckin' pervs are the best!

"BOING! BOING!" I read a couple of Bang! Pow! Boom! Reviews and I was shocked to see that some people didn't get this song. One review said "I didn't like hearing ICP rap about how they get mad chicks, that's not there style" What the fuck man? This song is supposed to be funny! We don't really get mad chicks like that! That's what's funny! In this song I say "Bitches hang around my home like stray cats. Tryna catch a mother fucka' shirtless" Why would any chick wanna see me shirtless? Think about that. Shaggy says "Maybe cause I wear my jeans so tight, but they all fight for the right to fuck me all night". Does Shaggy really wear tight ass jeans or somethin? I don't think so. It's supposed to be a funny song because were claiming to pull all these fine ass bitches when were obviously scrubby clowns. We could maybe get some hot groupies but we just aint VIP style people. We've never been. I love this song cause I think its mad funny and I love the old school beat Mike did. I love how the music switches up. I also love the hook, Legs Diamond helped out with. To me this is a positive song for scrubs and it actually makes me feel like I could go out there and spring any bitch I wanted. We had a blast making this track, it was one of the first ones we did for the album. We even sampled the same porno chick that we did on the "Tunnel Of Love" EP. Back in 1994. I wish more people got it. The only thing that slightly bothers me is this song seems slightly lower in volume to the rest of the album, but I blame the mastering house for that.

"I FOUND A BODY" This is maybe my absolute favorite track on the album. When Mike first did this track I was literally stunned by its dopeness. The piano in this song sounds like a mad man played it under a vicious thunderstorm on top of a mountain. The subject is about a lonely weirdo that was just released from a mental institution or prison; it's not clear which. But obviously he shouldn't have been let go as he's walking home one day and finds a dead body in an alley. He takes the body home, cleans it up and starts hanging out with it. People have said this song is to similar to "I Didn't Mean To Kill Him" but my argument is that this song is meant to be about loneliness. I like to write about loneliness because one of my biggest fears is to be alone. That is true horror to me. I love Shaggy's stuff on this song where at the end of each chorus he sums it up saying how he just doesn't want to be alone. The whole problem the guy in the song has is loneliness. It drives him to insanity where he'd rather hang out with a lifeless corpse than to be alone any more. I love the slow roll of this song, and I know my singing in the hook is shaky but being that it's supposed to be coming from a lunatic, in my opinion it works. I tried to spit the verses in a new kind of singing flow instead of just rapping them out. I hope ninjas are feeling this one cause I know we are. The last thing we added was that Pearl Jam style yell I do at the end of the song, and I knew it was fresh because standing there in the booth I could see everybody smile and clap through the glass when I did it. It only took one take and for a last minute adlib I think it added mad flavor to the song.

"LOVE" This song is all about the crazy spazmatic music. The beat in this song is powerful. It tells its own story. Finding a subject that matches the intensity of this beat was not easy. But in the end I think we schooled it. All I know for sure is that in the end result we came out with a song that doesn't sound like anything ICP has ever done before. It's an angry song about lunatics seeing hot chicks out there and wanting them so bad, but having no idea how to go about it. We've never fucked with anything like this one. I love the little transform cut that rarely comes in. I think the hook is awesome and I love how it keeps building up more and more until it finally all drops in together at the end of the song. I think Shaggy fuckin' killed it on this one, his verse is awesome. It was actually tricky spittin' the verses on this song because the tempo is mad fast and the drums are so loud you gotta try hard to be heard. I think this song also sums up the way I've felt hundreds of times in my own life. When you see a hottie who looks so damn good and you know you have no chance with her that it almost brings out a feeling of anger. Maybe that's too crazy for yall and most people can't relate to what we're saying, but for the few that can, this ones for us. See you in the mosh pit!

"FONZ POND" We've had the idea for this song for many years. When me and Shaggy were kids there was a bike park hidden off behind a trailer park in Southfield Michigan called Fon's Pond. This was a way different pond than the one in the song though. The real Fon's Pond was a bunch of bike trails and paths. There was one trail that led to the actual pond. This trail was called Dead Man's Curve cause it went straight for a while then suddenly turned a sharp right just avoiding Fon's Pond. It was a sharp turn, making it hard not to fall right in. Fon's Pond was a big, dried out hole with a rusted old car and garbage piled up. If you didn't make that curve in time, you and your bike would fly right into that hole and probably be stabbed by a piece of rusted out junk that laid everywhere on the bottom. After winter and when it rained hard enough the Pond would hold a little water but it would never survive the hot summer. There was always mad rumors about all the kids who died tryin' to make Dead Man's Curve. We wanted to do this song for years and we were waiting for the perfect beat. When Mike first did this track, it was the opposite of what I expected Fon's Pond to sound like, but that's what made it so cool. It worked out in the end and we ended up making the song about a haunted pond hidden deep in the woods. Much like the real one, only the song's pond was full of murky deep water. There's nothing scarier than the sight of a dead body floating face down in a swamp. We touched on something like this with Twiztid's classic "Marsh Lagoon" and ever since then we wanted to go into more detail about a haunted body of water only the neighborhood kids knew about. Fon's Pond turned out to be one of my favorite songs on Bang! Pow! Boom! One of my favorite things about the song is the little adlib that Shaggy does at the end of each verse. After the first verse he says "We almost there" and at the end of the second verse he says "It's over there" and after the third verse he says "There it is". In my head I picture the group of kids from the intro going to Fon's Pond, and as the song plays they get closer and closer narrated by Shaggy's adlibs. I hope you ninjas get what we get outta this song.

"IMMA KILL YOU" This is classic old school ICP I don't give a fuck what anybody says. We could of put this song on Forgotten Freshness and claimed it was from 95 and ninjas would of bought it. The song is straight up about beatin' some ass. Beatin' down the bad guys. But the real dopeness of this song I believe comes from the third verse. That's where all the samples and chants go on for the whole verse. It straight up reminds me of the old days and yet it's all brand new. We don't break any new ground or say anything spectacular in this song but it's a head bobber all the same. Especially cranked up mad loud in a bangin' ass system, believe me, bump it like that and you'll have a new appreciation for it. The beat sounds to me like old school Ice Cube, like something off Amerikkka's Most Wanted. Something old school Public Enemy would of made with the Bomb Squad. We loaded up the keyboard with Shaggy yelling different adlibs that never really made any specific sense to anything we were saying in the song. He was just yelling shit like "Guess what" or "Duck bitch". Once we had the whole keyboard full, we played them in all through out the song adding a cool ass element. That's where the "Fuck... Fuck... You." comes from in the intro, and through out the song. We spent many days doing this song and mixing it down the way we liked it. That last verse took most of the time. We used every track available in Mike's system.

"JUGGALO ISLAND" When I first laid the riffs of my verse down Shaggy hated this track. He said it was way to pussyish and mad too soft for ICP. I promised him that when it was all said and done if he didn't like the song even a little bit, we would leave it off the album. I believed in this song though, I mean yeah it's soft sounding, nobody dies or gets there ass kicked. But the thing is we're talking directly to Juggalos in this song. It's like we're all sittin' around someplace smoking a blunt talking together. That's the way I see the song. We're all sittin' there talkin' about how fresh it would be if we had our own big ass Caribbean Island. A place that everybody could run away to and escape. When we're talking about something like that it's supposed to be soft! After Shaggy did his verse up and we dropped in the hook he started to like it more. Then I told him to wait and see how it sits with the rest of the album. It's the only song with that summer time feeling on the whole album. He called me one night and said' "oh by the way, Juggalo Island is my fuckin' shit" I was mad happy to hear that because I did not want to lose this song from the album. I believe it's ok for ICP to be a little nicer when were talking to our own peeps. I like the song, and I love where it takes me. Every time I hear it, it takes me to that Island with "Corp on the grill and Clay on the 1,2's". We started letting ninjas hear this song at the Gathering because we also feel the song sounds like a true Gathering song, and I think some ninjas might have been a little worried that the whole Bang! Pow! Boom! album was gonna be happy sounding. But nope, just this one, and I'm glad and proud to say that both Shaggy and myself stand behind this song and hopefully one day, we will have our own Island and we can do this shit for real.

"VULTURES" This is one of the last songs we recorded for the album. The beat in this bitch rocks. It didn't even need any words on it but we hooked it up all the same. Once again I give mad props to Shaggy for lacing this song up with some serious skillage. I love the subject matter in this song. It's about Vultures of all kinds in life. People who con old folks outta there saved up money. I mean that's taking evil to another level. Vultures are people who prey on the week and feeble. Like old folks who have nothing left in life to believe in except the church and here you got some vulture ass sinister minister telling them to send what little they have left into them. I think these Vultures burn at the hottest temperatures in hell. My favorite part of the song is the bridge where all those vultures are standing around a loved one who's on his death bed. Here this guys on his way outta this life and all these younger people are supposed to be looking out for him the way he did them when they were young. But instead there all wondering who's getting his money and stealing his prescriptions from him and shit. We worked hard on this song because we really wanted to relay the message hard. You know in Japan I hear they really respect their elders and hold them with high regard and honor. We could really use some of that freshness here in the U.S.! I wish all the old people had mad respect here, instead most of them are alone and seem to be in the way to all there loved ones and that's mad fucked up!

"VERA LEE" This is another classic sounding ICP song, similar sounding to "Amy's In The Attic", at least that's what we were going for. The story goes like this.. I (The guy rapping) am a nerdy kid in school. A nobody ignored and treated like shit by almost everybody around. There was a girl named Vera Lee who was treated pretty much just like me in school. She too was picked on, ignored and laughed at. She was out sick for most of the time, like maybe she had some kind of serious illness or something. Nobody paid much attention though because nobody really cared about her. When I seen her, I would always take the time to say Hello. We always at least gave each other a smile while passing in the hallways and what not. I wasn't her boyfriend or anything like that, but at least I wasn't a dick head to her and I always found the time to be nice. Maybe because I was in the same boat as her, who knows? Anyway one day I heard that she passed away from what ever her illness was. At first I'm sad because just like with me, I know she didn't have much to be happy about at school, and I guess I felt sorry for her. Soon after her death she starts haunting me at home. Not wickedly and evil though, more like as if she loved me but never had a chance to tell me. Then I start wondering if I was the only one at school that ever took the time to say hi to her and what if she was in deep love with me? Anyway that's what the song is about and where I'm coming from with the lyrics, but the real magic in this song comes from Shaggy 2 Dope's singing. He sings the whole ending out asking "Why. why is she calling out to me? And it's flat out awesome. Mike E. Clark's music is enough to send chills in and outta your ass crack combined with some rare singing from Shaggy makes this song easily one of my personal favorites. I truly hope you guys dig this one and don't just skip it cause it's slow or whatever.

"MIRACLES" This is another one of my favorites. I Read a review in the Detroit News and the writer didn't like this song, and said "hearing this song makes you wish ICP would stick to serial killing". I love this side of ICP and I think it's important to who we are. It shows our depth, I believe. We've been doing songs like this from time to time since way back with "Joke Ya Mind". Every once and a while we throw a meaningful song in our mix. Once again it's a softer tune, because were talking to Juggalos on this one. It's like a direct conversation. The song is about the miracles that we see in everyday life, but because they've always been around, we probably don't notice them anymore. If you've ever stood on the beach of an ocean in the middle of the night and looked up and the trillions of stars that's enough to tell you there's some fuckin' miracles going on here. This song points out some of every day's biggest and best miracles and suggests that you take the time to peep some of them out and re-evaluate what your seeing here. Because the truth is right here on this earth, in every day life there is some pretty fuckin' fantastic shit poppin' off. Mike's music paints the whole backdrop of what were trying to say with this song perfectly. And his guitar solo at the end ties it all together. Shaggy's fresh ass beat box hidden off in the music at the end is devastating as well. I wasn't so sure of this song when we first did it but now I'm very proud of it and I can truthfully say that I love it. We understand if your not feeling it though. We know it's way different and all that. But if you can open your mind enough to see a miracle out of a lightning bug, than maybe you can open your mind enough to dig this song.

"BANG! POW! BOOM!" This is that extra long ending track we've always done to wrap up the Joker's Cards. But unlike the rest of them, this song aint the least bit slow. It's got a mad fast bounce that moves your whole body uncontrollably. The album has skits all throughout it that lead up to this song. The skits feature rednecks, pedophiles, and wife beaters all getting phone calls that invite them to a Dark Carnival super show taking place in Ash, Nevada aka the middle of nowhere. So at the beginning of this song all these thousands of evil people gather to see this giant super show and take home the $100,000 they've all been promised. The show finally begins and out he comes! The infamous and explosive Dark Carnival creature himself Bang! Pow! Boom! He is a continuous explosion that stomps his way through the crowd blowing all of these evil souls right through the floor and straight to Hell. Imagine the power of a bomb, now imagine the strength and intensity of a constant explosion! That is Bang! Pow! Boom! This whole song is set to a 3 bar blues beat, unlike any song in our entire past. In my opinion this track has some of the dopest transform scratching ever done by Shaggy 2 Dope at the ending as well as some of Razor Ray's greatest drill guitar playing ever! It's the hypest, most energetic song I think we've ever fuckin' done. To me it's the Dark Carnival in it's purest form, fast wicked and explosive. We've only done this song live one time at this point and I cant wait to do it again. If we're tired by the end of the show, this song's music and energy picks you right back up. It's the title track, it's the grand finale! He finally arrives shredding all the evil victims and blowing their frames into particles and pieces with every step and swipe of his ultra exploding form. Although the song is about 8 minutes long it goes by in what seems like only 2. The whole Bang! Pow! Boom! Album goes up into a mushroom cloud with the craziest and the hypest song we've ever made.

There you have it a quick run down of the new album. Everybody's different but we hope you like what you hear. We made this album with one thing in mind, YOU NINJA. We just wanna give you something hot to bump! Some bomb ass shit! Somethin' that goes BANG! Somethin' that's like POW! Somethin' with some BOOM!

Thank you for reading, your big homie, Violent J

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