Yum Yum Bedlam

Release: March 05, 2021

Label: Psychopathic Records

General info

The name of the Jokers Card was revealed at the end of the ICP Seminar of ICP's House Party Peep Show. The Jokers's Card will be "Yum Yum Flower"

The name of the album is different than the name of the Joker’s card though. 
The album will be titled Yum Yum Bedlam and this will be the first female jokers card.

Yum Yum Flower represents loyalty. If you don't have loyalty, you will be venomously bitten. Don't touch that flower!

The album will be followed up by 3 mini albums with 6-7 songs each. They are the Seeds of Yum Yum. The first mini album will be released April 02, 2021. The second mini album will be released July 30, 2021 and the third mini album will be released October 29, 2021. All 3 albums will be combined to a new album called "The Seeds Of Yum Yum"

The combo album will come out on November 19, 2021 with 3 new tracks and each of the mini albums will include a song that won't be on the main album.

The image of jokers card was revealed at Hallowicked 2020.

On November 03, 2020 the official drawing was released

In the Juggalo Show of December 07, 2020 the news came that the new releasedate of the album Yum Yum Bedlam will be March 05, 2020.
Instead there will be a new cd called Yum Yum's Lore released on Christmas on iTunes.
There will be 5000 physical copies available to those who subscribed to Patreon in December 2020.

Tracklist (click for the lyrics)

01 Ding Ding Doll  
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