Yum Yum's Lure

Release: February 17, 2021

Label: Psychopathic Records

General info

Due to the new release date of Yum Yum Bedlam to March 05, 2021, ICP came up with a new cd. The new ICP CD will be available on iTunes on Christmas and is called Yum Yum’s Lure. The only way to get a physical copy is to subscribe to ICP's Patreon. There will be only 5000 copies available.

Update december 26, 2020:

On last night’s edition of ICP’s Hella Fresh Holidays, the Insane Clown Posse and Ouija Macc attempted to get through not only one, but TWO escape rooms that were masterminded by Jumpsteady!  It was a hilarious watch…especially if you have had the opportunity to go through them yourself.

Between the first and second escape room, they made an announcement that the Yum Yum’s Lure EP would be postponed, but only for a few weeks.  The reason behind that was because they lost studio personnel.  I can only assume that Str8Jaket posting that he left his job at Psychopathic Records a few days ago as in-house producer was what J is referring to.  You can see the full announcement below

Update february 11, 2021:

Take a sniff of the deadliest flower ever seen on this Dirt Ball or any other planet as pop culture icons and rulers of the Juggalo kingdom Insane Clown Posse present the first glimpse into the new era with the almighty "Yum Yum's Lure" EP. On Wednesday, February 17, 2021 — celebrated as Juggalo Day around the world — "Yum Yum's Lure" will be available on all digital music sites. Don't miss your chance to experience the mystery, the madness, and the magic of "Yum Yum's Lure," the devastating new release from ICP!

NOTE: Track 05 is misspelled on the EP: Ding Dong Doll

Tracklist (click for the lyrics)

01. Bewitching  
02. Loyalty  
03. Afraid Of Life (ft. Alien Ant Farm)  
04. Smell Of The Rain  
05. Ding Ding Doll  
06. I've Had It Worse  
07. Candyman  
08. Clownheads  
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