The Terror Wheel

Release: August 05, 1994

Label: Psychopathic Records (PSY1007)

General info

The Terror Wheel is a popular carnival attraction among the dead. Dead bodies come from across the world to strap in to this spinning, whipping wheel of agony. The wheel never stops, it just keeps spinning and spinning until your body's limbs tear off one by one, eventually seperating your carcus from your seat. Dead people surely love this amusing ride, but as long as the line for the Terror Wheel may be, and despite the many stiffs that would love a chance to ride the wheel, we always have saved a seat for you and your loved ones. Enjoy your life now while you can, for when you die, you belong to us... you belong to the Terror Wheel.

The song "The Smog" was originally known as "The Swarm", and was about a deadly swarm of insects. "The Smog" was also intended to be released on Riddle Box. The final track on the album contains a number you could call to find out the name of the next Joker's Card, Riddle Box. The album's outro track also is the first time the word "Juggalo" was mentioned on an ICP release.

Note from Wally on October 27, 2019:

After reading the Terror Wheel description, I'd like to mention that technically, the word "Juggalo" was actually mentioned for the first time on Ringmaster in "Love Song." Violent J says "Cuz I'm a southwest mack daddy Juggalo." Also, with "Dead Body Man" being the first track on the Terror Wheel EP ("Born with a hatchet and a Juggalo face").

Tracklist (click for the lyrics)

01. The Dead Body Man 4:59
02. Skitzofrantic 3:57
03. The Smog 7:45
04. Out 5:03
05. I Stuck Her With My Wang 3:51
06. Amy's In The Attic 9:21
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