Halls Of Illusions

Release: 1997

Label: Island Records

General info

ICP takes you on a ride to show you how the world would have been betetr if you weren't born. This attraction was generally for hicks and rednecks that beat their wife and kids. This song was featured on Great Milenko and had a music video.

Note: I found more versions of this cd/tape/vinyl but I'm not sure what's official. If ya have more information of this, let me know through the contact page.

Tracklist (click for the lyrics)


01. Halls of Illusions 4:16
02. Southwest Voodoo 4:04
03. The Smog 3:29
04. Cotton Candy 4:42

3 track promo cd

01. Halls of Illusions (ICP Radio Edit) 3:13
02. Halls of Illusions (Back To Reality Mothafucka) 3:23
03. Halls of Illusions (Back To Reality) 3:24

7" Vinyl

01. Halls of Illusions 4:16
02. Santa's a Fat Bitch 4:22
03. Red Christmas 4:25
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