Tunnel Of Love Vinyl

Release: February 03, 2017

Label: Psychopathic Records

General info

This is ICP's classic Tunnel Of Love re-released on Vinyl. There are two covers available: the classic cover and the XXX-cover. From the XXX-cover were only 1000 copies.

The legendary, hard-to-find XXX-version cover of the classic ICP EP "Tunnel of Love" is nog on neden pink-colored 180-gram vinyl. The notorious XXX-rated cover is obscured with a removable cling sticker that you can unpeel and reseal a certain number of times before it loses its adhesive (kinda like a Post It note or Colorform). This version also includes the bonus track "Mental Warp,"

Tunnel Of Love Picture Disc

Tunnel Of Love XXX-version

Tracklist (click for the lyrics)

01. Intro  
02. Cotton Candy  
03. Super Balls  
04. Ninja  
05. Stomp  
06. Prom Queen  
07. My Kind of Bitch  
08. When I Get Out  
09. Mental Warp (XXX Version Only)  
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