Bang Pow Boom Blue Vinyl

Release: November 23, 2018

Label: Psychopathic Records

General info

This is double blue vinyl of the jokers card Bang Pow Boom.

Tracklist (click for the lyrics)

A1. Intro 1:26
A2. Beautiful Doom 3:05
A3. In Yo Face 4:07
A4. The Bone 3:54
B1. Zombie Slide 3:27
B2. To Catch A Predator 5:21
B3. Boing Boing 4:46
B4. I Found A Body 5:46
C1. Love 3:16
C2. Fonz Pond 4:02
C3. Imma Kill U 4:30
C4. Juggalo Island 4:58
D1. Vultures 4:50
D2. Vera Lee 5:17
D3. Miracles 5:12
D4. Bang! Pow! Boom! 11:42
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