Faygo And ICP

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Faygo has been nationally popularized by the Detroit hip hop group Insane Clown Posse , who reference Faygo in several of their songs. Positive audience reaction to an early concert performance in which member Joseph Bruce threw an open bottle at a row of hecklers resulted in the group continuing to spray their audiences with the drink. However, the group is not acknowledged by the company. According to member Joseph Bruce , "We wish they would do a limited edition Faygo pop run with us. Maybe one day, when they get a new CEO, they might change their way of thinking. But whoever's in charge now wants to steer clear of Insane Clown Posse. They consider themselves a family product. I guess they don't make it to throw at each other."


Taken from Shockumentary

One-day ICP was doing a concert in Detroit. J and Shaggy were dancing and Shaggy kept fuckin' up the steps. So J busted him in the head with a 2-liter of Faygo and the fans cheered cause it didn't make any sense! Then Shaggy hit J in the face with a 3-liter of Faygo, and thus the war began.

Next thing you know, the crowd was throwing Faygo! The club owner was bouncing' off a 2-liter of Faygo! ICP's manager was bouncing off a 3-liter! Nobody knew what was going on... it was pure pandemonium. And I'll tell you why everyone loves it: it doesn't make any sense!

That was just a brief description from the mouth of Violent J from their 1998 video, "Shockumentary".


Taken from Behind The Paint

We've been known to bullshit the press, and lie our asses off, just to try to sound funny, or whatever. Yo, here it goes: the absolute truth about how the Faygo thing got started....

During that show, we had a table set up behind us in the middle of the stage. On the table was a giant round bucket full of faygo 2-Liters of various flavors. The day of the show, we decided to have it there, and set it up on the table so that the fans could see it. We always mention it in our songs, so we figured it would be cool if the fans at the show seen us swiggin' off it on stage. That was our plan and intention concerning the Faygo on stage, nothing more and nothing less. That's the truth.

During the show, about 20 minutes into it, the shit died down, and we were just rappin' and rappin'. We were kind of boring, I felt. Then it happened. I seen this kid standing at the dead center of the crowd. He was just standing there with his arm raised flipping us off. That hurt.

I was steady thinking, "What makes this kid think that just because he's in the crowd, and I'm on stage, he can get away with flippin' me off?"

The truth was, I was winded and tired enough as it was, so I just walked back and unscrewed a full 2-Liter of Faygo, and whipped it right at his ass (what happened to him as a result of that flavor is unknown). The place straight up fuckin' erupted, though. The loudest pop of the night. Then Joey threw one off in the kid's direction. Much to our surprise, pop started flying back at us from the crowd. I didn't know if the people hated us or loved us.

We kept it going until finally, the Magic Fag's manager, this stupid bitch, actually climbed up on stage and in a panic for fear of her venue being destroyed, grabbed the Faygo bucket. Then from out of nowhere Alex came to the fuckin' rescue, and grabbed the bucket. They were struggling over it! In front of the fans and everybody! Alex was the shit! As Alex held the bucket in place, Joey and I filled our arms with the remaining Faygo, and began spraying the crowd. The rest my friends....is Juggalo history.

This is the REAL story taken from Violent J 's autobiography, Behind The Paint

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