Juggalettes Gone Wicked Vol. 1 - F@y&o Showers

Release: 2006

Genre: 18+

Featuring: juggalettes

Format: DVD

Runtime: 91 minutes

Label: unknown

General info:

This is no Psychopathic Records release but I found it worth to mention it.

Juggalettes Gone Wicked was created in 2004 by The Willis and Jinx. It was made to be the first ever juggalo related adult entertainment and still to this day stands as the original and greatest idea since juggalos adopted faygo. After a lot of push from the owners they finally got a tour deal with psychopathic in 2005. Was the special guest at the gathering 2005. Another tour with twiztid in 2006 and hosted the 2006 gathering and released a DVD.
Jinx was incarcerated shortly after that, The willis dealing with family matters and trouble with psychopathic records decided to slow down and by 2008 it was done.
They still own copyrights to the hatchet girl. After that there was at one time 50 copies of the once great idea and with sales dropping from all juggalo related groups no one survived.

In 2010 Willis decided it was time for a comeback with the help of tour manager sin and head security paco, it was alive for only one season before financial reasons forced another shutdown. Meeting with psychopathic records was done to insure their ability to use the hatchet girl. In 2014 more meetings with the head of the company, with sponsorship by biohazard gear clothing and captian morgans have been in motion about a 2015 resurrection at the gathering and another DVD but its currently only in development. Its very possible it could be rebranded "Wicked Lettes"

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