Death Racers

Release: September 23, 2008

Genre: Action/Horror

Featuring: Stephen Blackehart, Dustin Fitzsimons , Caroline Attwood, Robert Pike Daniel, Jason Ellefson, Elina Madison, Jonathan Nation, Insane Clown Posse

Format: DVD

Runtime: 92 minutes

Label: The Asylum Home Entertainment

General info:

This is no Psychopathic Records release but worth to mention.

Timed to shadow the release of 2008's DEATH RACE, this low-budget flick imagines a brutal future where only the strong survive. Violence is a way of life, and it's the guiding principle of a blood-splattered competition that pits teams of racers against each other in a gruesome journey across the country. Clown rappers Insane Clown Posse and WWE's Raven are among the drivers in this deadly game where only one can win.

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