Created by: Joseph Utsler

Creation Date: 1991

Meaning: A symbol for Psychopathic Records and is recognized as the symbol of juggalos.

The Hatchetman is the name of the logo for Psychopathic Records, called as such due to the figure resembling a person performing The Running Man while wielding a hatchet. Although it is not really a hatchet but a meatcleaver.

In 1991, Inner City Posse and then-manager Alex Abbiss set out to create their own record label.
When the choice came between naming it Mad Paperboy Records or Psychopathic Records, Joseph Utsler created a logo for each, scribbling them both on a napkin. The first logo, representing Mad Paperboy Records, depicted a running paperboy holding a newspaper. The second logo, representing Psychopathic Records, slightly varied by depicting a running man with dreadlocks holding a hatchet.
The group decided on Psychopathic Records, and used the drawing Utsler had scribbled on the napkin as the company's logo, calling it the Hatchetman.

It's a great symbol for ICP, the record label, and Juggalos in general, because he's always running, with his hatchet held high almost as a salute, and moving forward toward the future, never running backwards, cutting things down that get in the way, always making epic things happen.

The Hatchetman is often worn by Juggalos, usually by chains featuring the symbol as a charm or by tattoos.

In 1999 the Hatchetgirl appeared. This is not an official symbol from Psychopathic Records. It was created for the Juggalettes to have something to represent.

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