Album: Intelligence And Violence

Year: 1990


Violent J, yo homeboy I'm packing a punch
Knocked out Greg on the mothafucking Brady Bunch
For no parareasial that's my attitude
Fuck off gold dick I don't rap for gratitude
You'll remember my name after I get the shot
Don't laugh now bitch tie your lips in a knot
Delray, Detroit, Southwest Military
Legal Freaks hanging like a muthafucking dingle berry
Yo man, I like, I like big fat fucked up freaks
Keep slapping that anus and I'm slaping her butt cheeks
Keep working that man till my dick gets harder
My nuts petrify when I'm fucking down Carter
Cold hearted sounds like nobody pass
So cold it whip lash your little monkey looking ass
My nuts don't hang boy to much fame
And your nuts are hanging down like a great dane
Military conection got Bruce Lee fame
Pulling drive by's in a fucking tank
Take the close and hit whenever I want
Cause I'm built to the mack

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