Album: Bassment Cuts

Year: 1991


“Hey, hey, Shhh, shhh, be quiet, be quiet
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, shut up, hey shut up, hey! hey! hey
Shut the fuck up, hey, hey, shut the fuck up
Hey, bitch, come here and take care of this fucking
You want me to kick…man, shut the…Shut the fuck UP!"

(Violent J)
Bitches, hoes, sluts, and skeezers
Skanky ass whores, I can't forget you neither
You can say I'm degrading towards women
But they always seem to let me travel up in them.
Will I hit a woman?
What you think?
I'll hit a fucking bitch like her name was Frank
In the 50's when next ya got lucky
Today ya put a gun to there head and then say fuck me
A motherfucker like J don't need a gun
I just wip out the pipe and I watch em run,..
up to me (to me)
Saying go through me
Now a month she's at my door
And the bitch is trying to sue me
You know I ain't having that bullshit
So I sent the bitch home with a fat lip, yo
V-I-O-L-E-N-T dump dump, you can't even fuck with me
Outta women I respect just a choosen few
And one of them bitches, sure the fuck ain't you
Pimping, playing, halling, balling, bitches by the dozens
Like Jeff Allen and his fucking cousin
Stacks and stacks so many to pick from
Calling them up so we can go and dick 'em
Driving to my house during the talk zone
And then after I hit, I'll make your ass walk home
Your crying but I think it's kinda funny
That I wouldn't give your ass no bus money
At night I have dreams that I'm waxing
Superstar, freaky ass, big butt Janet Jackson
I don't even need to tell ya what I'd do to her
I'd come at her so fast my dick would go clean through her
I'd fuck her sister, her aunt, and her mother
The only Jackson that I wouldn't fuck is her brother.
But I cant have Janet so I'll take what I can get
A strung out, ragged on crackhead bitch
And they bodies so shitty
Skinny as fuck, and she only got one titty
I'm headed to the suburbs to find some
So I brung along my boys to help me grind them
Bitches, bitches, bitches, and more
Rapping with a bitch at the grocery store
The way she talked gave me an erection
So you know I had to fuck her in the meat section
I gave that bitch all that I got
She had her eyes closed so I fucked her with a lamb chop
Nobody can mack like J does
I'd fuck a girl that's sober, leave her with a buzz
I'm gonna get me a bitch from Thailand
Cause bitches down there dude is straight as a man
Yo, there's bitches here are to fucking said
Come home and find your freak in the sack with your dad
Saying they were lonely and needed to be held
Fuck off bitch, that's why your eye got swelled
Yeah you beat her ass something crazy
You woulda killed her ass, but you was kinda lazy
Every time I see a bitch she's always crying
That's the main fucking reason
that the fists are always flying
Cause you aint a god damn baby no more
So why don't you grow the fuck up,
you sorry ass fucking whore
If you drive a piece of shit and your not rich
Than you gots no women, explain that bitch
That's why I always dig the crackheads
Cause them bitches think your rich as long as you ain't dead
Yo, I's got no problem anyway
I can have any bitch cause I'm Violent J
So before you make that hitch
Be sure it ain't with that average bitch

“Man look at that skank over there
Have you ever seen an uglier bitch in your life man?
It looks like somebody socked her in her fucking face with a bag of fucking rocks
Man look at that….Hey, bitch you look like you got hit by a train, hoe
Hey, fuck you, come here and suck my nuts bitch
That bitch's crawling off the streets man, hoe
Hey..Hey bitch get the fuck off my car..fucking skank, look at that
Hey bitch you ever been smacked before hoe?
Let me..you hoe fucking ass.”

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