Album: Bassment Cuts

Year: 1991


(Dukes of Hazzard Intro)
Just a good ol' boy
Never meaning no harm

Some of you motherfuckers know me
You say "That's Joe Bruce, my neighborhood homie!"
Trying to come up, trying to be a rap star
But his bass-ment tapes ain't going far
I ain't trying to be famous, I ain't trying to be rich
All I'm trying to do, is stick my dick in your bitch
See me at the dope rim shooting hoops
Or at home gankin beats from the Lifer's crew
Yea I'm jacking beats, I ain't afraid to say it
Them motherfuckers rottin in jail any fucking way
But I don't need to hear you say it
You don't like my shit, don't fucking play it

Hey yo, J, your tape is weak
Now your eyes swelled shut, and your missing teeth
This is a homemade motherfucking bass-ment track
I ain't a superstar, so get the fuck off my nutsack!

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