Riddle Box

Album: Riddle Box

Year: 1995


"Eh, man, fuck that bitch. I'm sick of that whacky bitch."
"Why's everyone always trying to kick it with that bitch?"
"Hold up, man. Alright, turn up here."
"I just can't figure how she...AAAH! THERE'S ANOTHER CAR COMING!!!"
Welcome sir
"Where the fuck am I? Wh-where am I?"
It's not where you're at
It's where you're going
And you won't know until you
Turn the crank (turn the crank)
"Stop it!! Stop it now!! (screams) I was good. I was good. please.
please. I was good."
insane laughter)
Alright, who's next?

Lady's n Gentlemen! Welcome to your death!!
Now let's see where your headed! Turn the crank.
And expeirence what's in store for you!
Deep with in the mighty RIDDLE BOX!

hahaha...the jokes on you! (x2)

[Violent J]
Wicked wicked wicked wicked clowns.
Hey, I'm Violent J.
And i'm here. Well i'm here to kick yo ass!
We the wicked juggalo's. We juggle those who live like hoes.
And chose the Express route.
One way straight down the spiral twist to the RIDDLE BOX!!

hahaha...the jokes on you! riddle box. (x4)

Hey! what's up muther fucka!!!
This is Shaggs 2Dope!
Congradulating you for opening the box!
It looks like you received your prize.
The cost!! What it cost! Was your ASS!! BITCH BOY!!

hahaha...the jokes on you! riddle box.(x2)

[Violent J]
Tell me sir what can you do? It looks like the jokes on you.(x2)

Come on down!!! And turn the crank! Let's see where your soul will
spend the rest of eternity! What's it gunna be Mr.? Heaven or hell?
The bone is on the bell! Turn the crank and lets find out! Come on down Mr.
You dont have anything to be scared of do ya sir? So what's gunna pop out
of the mighty riddle box? Spin the crank and find out. What do ya say?
Step right up! Who's first!? Who's brave enough to step into there eternal destiny?
Surely someone's confident that there life wasnt totaly evil?

[Violent J]


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