Nothing's Left

Album: The Amazing Jeckel Brothers

Year: 1999


Man... Love You guys man...
[Violent J]
Man, shut the fuck up man. Why you always gotta ruin the moment?
Fuck you

Ain't nothin left here for me
So I'm out this bitch
Fuck stayin here
I'm buzzin the fuck all the bout
We out this motha fucka right now

Theres no story that ain't been told
Theres no gimic that ain't been sold
Theres no ocean that never been swam
Theres no jaba that ain't been slamed
Theres no road that ain't been traveled
Theres no doctor that ain't been baffled
Ain't no thug that never cried
Ain't no preacher that never lied
Theres no rumor that ain't been passed
Ain't no question that no one asked
Theres no tree that won't get chopped
Theres no bomb that won't get dropped
Ain't no path that no ones laid
Ain't no beast that ain't been afraid
Theres no feat that no one can
Theres no saga that never began
Ain't no snow that didn't melt
Theres no punch that ain't been felt
Theres no skill that no ones learned
Theres no planet that he ain't turned
Theres no feud that never disolved
Theres no problem that ain't been solved
Theres no tale that no ones told
Theres no beauty that won't get old
Theres no garden the sun ain't beamed on
Theres no shoulder that ain't been leaned on
Theres no color that ain't been seen
Purple, red, yellow, blue, forest green
Theres no desert that ain't seen rain
Nobody here that ain't felt pain
Theres no bigot that ain't been clowned
Theres no treasure that I ain't found
Ain't no cave they never explored
Ain't no mother that ain't been ignored
Theres no leader that ain't been led
Theres no blood that ain't been shed
Theres no dish they never made
Ain't no brick they never laid
Everything left's been done before
Nothings new, no where to explore

On the day when the wagons come
I just pray that you let me on (repeat)

On the day when the wagons come
wont u let me on (repeat)

Hey Jack Jeckel fly
Twist and spin to the other side
Hey Jake Jeckel fly
twist and spin to the other side (repeat)

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