The Shaggy Show

Album: The Amazing Jeckel Brothers

Year: 1999


From Southwest Detroit, deep within Zug Island's industrial waste depository.
It's Shaggy Time!!!

(Shaggy 2 Dope)
Hey, how ya doin down there
It's nice to see ya, alright!
Waddup ya'll? Welcome to the show
I'm Shaggy like you don't fuckin know
This is my sidekick, Fat Pat
He goes, hehehe, and all of that
Anyhow on my way here I almost died
This bitch in front of me was like 105
They worry about drunks and late night truckers
Old ass bitches tryin to kill motherfuckas
This lady's got her left blinker on for an hour or more
Then she makes a right into my side door
This comedy shit's gettin old
(The game is to be sold, not to be told)
You can feel the excitment, right?
Snoop Dogg is with us tonight
Hahaha that's what I'm sayin
On the Shaggy Show, shiit we ain't playin
And that ain't it, also on the show
Anotha motherfucka that, well, most of ya know
You see 'em with me a lot, he's like a brother
Violent J's in this mutherfucka!
(I like that kid Violent J)
Hey Mike Whats up? How ya doin today?
Just great Shaggs Well that's great
Lets give a hand,
To Mike E. Clark and that gangsta fun band!
We'll be right back with Violent J!

(Playa Hater's Degree 'Commercial')

(Shaggy 2 Dope)
Ok, my first guest, he's nutty as hell
He just served a half a year in the county jail
Now he's back, for now at least
Hey Violent J's in this bitch ass piece

(Violent J)
Waddup ya'll? Whats happenin'
It's been six months and my dick ain't haven it
If I don't hurry up and get me some ass
I might bust this nut on your tv glass
Anyway I'm workin on my brand new shit
A brand new group with my homies, Twiztid
It's called Dark Lotus, should I play some for ya'll?
Hell Nah!

(Shaggy 2 Dope)
Now I been hearin a little of this and that
About you havin some kinda panic attack
Tell us, um, is it true?
And when you have one, what tha fuck do you do?

(Violent J)
Well I'll be sittin there enjoyin a coffe
And then all of a sudden I'm like, get off me!
Then I start chokin out pedestrians
Until they give me my shot of calaphlestrian
But that's all over now and that's that
I'm a perfectly normal necrophiliac
Just don't test me, or pull strings forget it
I might grab your neck and do bad things with it

(Shaggy 2 Dope)
Well on that note, thank you J, for real
Well just pop you one of them Fallopian pills
Take your ass back stage now and relax
Snoop Dogg is comin up next!!!
Stay right here we'll be right back

(Mamma's Hot Chilli 'Commercial')

(Shaggy 2 Dope)
Thanks fellas, alright yo we're back
My next guest pioneered the sound of rap
He's come a long way from the LBC
Please welcome Snoop D-O double G

(Snoop Dogg)
Look up in the sky it's a bird, it's a plane
It's the big dogg yo, fuckin wit the Insane
Clown, get down, nigga I represent the town
Hey yo Violent J let's go half on this pound
I stay gangsta lay funk, I drop the bomb
They call me Snoop Dogg and I can raise your arm
So any MC that seem to disagree with me
Step up and watch your motherfuckin ass meet defeat

(Shaggy 2 Dope)
Snoop, you got platinum on your wall
Where all the fools stare and scratch their balls
They wanna be like you,
They wanna try to and steal your flows
Yo, why is that so?

(Snoop Dogg)
It's like everywere I look, and everywere I go
Some bitch ass nigga tryin to steal my flow
But I don't pay 'em no attention, oh should I mention
I'm all about the money and ridin in cars with suspension
Bounce, makin on the corners smokin dope
Smokin that weed hangin out with my locs and folks
Don't give a fuck about nothin at all
That's why I'm known to the world
As big motherfuckin Snoop Dogg, nigga

(Shaggy 2 Dope)
Snoop Dogg everybody!
Now we gotta bring a close to our party
Thanks Violent J my loc
And thank you Snoop for that bag of smoke
Join us next time for the show
We'll have that one bitch from Letters To Cleo
That's it for now, I'm out this bitch
Hey yo gangsta fun, show 'em how ya got rich!

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