Radio Stars

Album: Bizzar

Year: 2000


Occassionally, the overwhelming temptation
To reach the pinnicle of the pop music genre
Will reduce the most deplorable examples of the underground music scene
To change their so called artistic endeavours
In a vain attempt to appeal to the public at large
Behold the metamorphisis

(Violent J)
Fuck platinum, platinum just ain't enough
We need more money, more houses and cars and stuff
I'm sick of juggalos, I want them other hoes
I want them shitty hoes, you get with radio and video
We'll do whatever it takes to get some airplay
We'll make that bounce shit, triple our sales and pay
Come on Shaggy follow my lead
It's time to change our shit up to get what we need

(Bounce Style)

The pathetic attempts never cease the moronic music onslaught
Continues to insult the intelligence of the savvy consumer
How much more can an audience be asked to endure?

Didn't work, ah fuck, what happened?
They always told us we sucked at rappin'
Well I don't know how to play a guitar
I'll play the skin flute be a radio star
I'm sick of keepin it real, and underground
I want the ten-million fan sellout radio flavor style
even though we'll be played next summer
show me a radio dick and ill show you a hummer

Joey fell in love with a college girl
She had a back pack and a pony tail
She said her name was Lisa but I do not know
She drank cisco lemmonade and cherry Jell-o
I can put my Buddy Holly glasses on
I can even sing one of these faggot songs
I can wear checkered pants and never smile
Whatever's cool for your radio dial
Joey fell in love with a college ......

The borish bumbling baffoons have been baffled in their journey
To the music business
Each sonnett is more ridiculus than the last
Their strides toward musical success are little more than a
Stummble into complete failure

That was bullshit, what the fuck
You think of something
I'm sittin here trying to write hits
Your doing nothing
You wrote the crunk shit but that didn't work
It flopped on its ass, at least I tried though
Alright, ain't no need to be fighting with each other
We need to start talkin about relationships and lovers
Can you sing? No, neither can I
If we're gonna be radio stars we at least gotta try

Girl, I'm gonna let you know on the radio
I want to lick you from head to toe
Girl, your perfume, it's smellin so sweet
I wanna make love between the sheets
Girl, play my song,...
I'm a radio man, and i know
I can't sing, yes I can
Give me one more chance
and I'll make you dance

(Chorus 5x)
Girl, we'll make radio songs
for radio fans we can't go wrong

Girl, so you fucked my boy, I don't give a fuck

After years of endless attempts, ICP received almost no radio play
Finally, the two dimwitted idiots decided to stay with the wicked shit for life.

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