Let's Go All The Way

Album: Let's Go All The Way

Year: 2000


aint nobody jealous
everybody has they own
nobody locked up
everybody, everybody is free to rome
look at that scrubby (jus chillin) with a hottie on his side
look at them rich kids, poor kids together on the same side
and they down to ride

Lets go all the way (lets go all the way!)
lets go all the way (lets go all the way!)
lets go all the way

Aint nobody left out everybody gets to go
it can never be too crowded c'mon we still pickin up some mo
dont nobody hate you playa hate you
there aint no hate at all
got a million hands here to catch you
they'll catch you and they never will let you fall
you aint gotta worry all of yall


Never no sickness, no sickness nobody has to die
everythings censored one thing is there
youll never havta wonder why
wont nobody rush you, no code red
be as long as you wanna be
can you guess what this place is
your future make it a reality all you havta do is follow me


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