Project Born - Losin' It

Album: Hatchet History

Year: 2002


[Intro: Esham]
Yo what's up? This is Esham The Unholy
And I'm in the motherfucking house with Mr. Nitty and LittleHalf Pint
And Project Born is in this motherfucker

[Verse 1: Nitty]
I'm losing it, I think my mind is in a fucking rage
Cause when I'm killing hoes I'm tense slow wit my mental stage
I keeps the candles burning every night I lay to rest
And slit my wrist because I had to have a blood test
I'm killing bitches, punk-ass niggaz, and you fucking hoes
I drawdown first bloodso consider me the Rambo
Cause new jack is back in the city I'm packing emup to heaven
Kill 56 now Wesley Snipes is Passenger 57
I got my mind off in some filthy shit and dirty shit
My counselor tells my mother yo son is a lunatic
I cut her throat then watched her scream as her body burns
And look my mother in the face and tell her yo turn
I left the scene and there was two mo bodies layin dead
We want Nitty dead was all the fucking papers read
But that's a joke cause this maniac is on the loose
And when I'm creepin all I'm seeking is my trigger juice
So take the lesson, learn your motherfucking principle
I got no mind so you know Frank Nit's invincible
I think of no one else except my son and damn self
That's why three years ago I put my brain up on the shelf
Cause I'm so heartless I'm bound to run my own section
I look at mirrors and I come up wit no damn reflection
I'm still hallucinating about the fucking murder scenes
Dropped in a straight jacket at the age of eighteen
I'm thinking damn will I ever get my mind back?
My folks keep telling me a maniac's a maniac
I tell my story but you hoes just don't know who I am
A fucking menace in bloodsport the black Van Damme
I'll get you motherfuckers screaming when you hit the paint
You ain't from New Orleans so bitch don't try and play a saint
Because I got your fucking mother hanging from a string
And if she go to talking shit she catching sixteen
Cause I get violent I want silence when I'm in the room
Straight out the 'jects, Frank Nitty's temple of the doom
I'm checking coffins cause this lifeless nigga's gonna give
And like I said on the untouchables the dead lives
You kill a bitch, you kill a bitch, and now I kill a bitch
It's time for ceremonies fuck that shit just dig the ditch
Because I told you hoes to never try and fuck with me
I'm running shit down in fucking nineteen-nitty-three
Cause when I'm gone off, You niggaz meet the sawed-off
Some niggaz crawled away, But most of them were hauled off
Up in plastic, So you know this nigga's cruising it
But I say fuck you hoes and laugh because I'm losing it

[Chorus 4x: Half Pint and Esham]
I'm losing it man I think I'm losing it [I'm losing it]

[Verse 2: Esham]
I'm losing it, Tell me if my mind's gone
Tell me if my mind's blown, Mani think your mind's blown
Man I need some therapy but ain't nobody helping me
Come and meet the killer inside me killer inside me now you see
I gotta get my head together get it together pull it apart
If I put my finger on the trigger then the bullet'll start
My luck my luckis hard hard luck so I'm lucking
I'm down wit hard lucking I don't giveafucking
I be the black devil unholy Esham
Having flashbacks of how I shot Uncle Tom
I'm losing it nigga

Chorus 4x

[Verse 3: Half Pint]
For many many years I tryed to run but I can't hide no mo
My mind is eagerly anticipating for some murder ho
Shank after motherfucking shank is what I'm all about
Diary of a madman so hear me as I take em out
Puff after motherfucking puff as I be smoking cry
No one knows a madman so look a killer in his eye
Take me out my misery I'm dropping deeper to my knees
Judgment day is coming, Keep my finger on that lemon squeeze
B-A-I-??? M-A-N bitch
F-T-I-C-K no reaching for no panic switch
Life is kinda hard to swallow so I eat it bit by bit
Must don't know who they fucking wit, They fucking wit a lunatic
Deep inside my mind I light a candle life is meditating
Never ever gang related still I stay premeditated
Mentally disturbed my mind don't click I think I wanna die
I can't live my life in pain don't lay my shit up in the light
Confused got me livid so I guess I got nowhere to turn
Bitches on these nuts because they want the fucking is a earns
People tell me give it up that my life is a fucking waste
What them bitches don't know is that Flint Michigan's a lonely place
Visions in my head gotta hunt em all across the nation
Deep up in a straight jacket suffering from the medication
Lost in my mind trying to find mea peace of mind
I'm out my fucking mind but still I got my fucking .9
Basically hit got me mixed in this fuck shit
Hop outthe ghetto keep me labelled as a lunatic
How will I live? I don't know that's a tough decision
Lock me in institutions and send my black ass to prison
This is my life nigga but don't put no blues in it
Like the money in my pocket bitch I'm losing it

Chorus 8x

[Outro: Esham]
Yo what's up this is Project Born and Esham
And we done lost that shit

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