Bloody Bitch

Album: Homies EP

Year: 2002


I live life like I'm playing a game of X-box
I don't give a fuck if I die or get caught
There I am, god-damn, everything was smooth
I woke up with a bloody bitch dead in the bathroom
My wicked shit praise that I heard through the days
Somehow now relays my new murderous ways
Violent J's not around but Moon Glorious is there
Scared of fucking death, and what's happening here
Blood in the tub as I scrub a dub, on my knees geez
I hope she ain't have a disease
I need the keys to the shed, I'ma cut the head off
My daddy got a knife in there to cut lead off
How should I do this, what sounds fun?
I just sat on her headpiece and twiddled my thumbs
Finally said fuck it, stomped her face
Sunk in like a pumpkin, I left no trace

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