Grave Robbers

Album: Psychopathics From Outer Space Volume 2

Year: 2003


Apparently somebody or some people have been committing grave robbery
And taking items of clothing and sometimes the body itself from the coffins
Investigators are puzzled as to who this could be committing these
Diabolical acts of robbery but promise to bring a close to the case soon

[All members back and forth]
Well there's no moon out tonight
Bring me the shovel
Hand me the axe
Give me that pick
Dead bodies
Dark Lotus
I hear something moving around
Dead walking everywhere
Dark Lotus
But we set them free
Come alive
Dark Lotus
Come alive
Holy shit
Oh my god Dark Lotus

[Anybody Killa]
Quit acting like it's that hard for ya'll to see the truth
That the Lotus came back to rob graves foolproof
We always claiming that we running, but it's never away
Straight ahead cemetery jacking up in your face
Stay far from the real if you can't deal
Got the whole world looking at us crazy for real
But the past is the past and the future is the future
But the present is the time for ya'll to find a buried ruler

[Violent J]
Mr. Newgleson, they buried him with a watch
And it's worth about 300 bucks, give me a shovel
I say fuck the dead I mean they fucking dead, fuck them
Wearing watches and gold nugget rings
And I ain't suppose to pluck them?
I don't just leave them there, I take the whole fucking body
And squeeze and play with they appendix like it's silly putty
I'm up for all kind of hours all off in your grave
And to this wicked shit I am a slave
But I like this

[Chorus x2]
The dead need freedom
(A little air a little moonlight
this shit has been a long time)
Into your coffin we come
(I got my mind on your grave
and your grave on my mind)

[Jamie Madrox]
My shovel will set you free
Your corpse should provide a good source
for the sacrifice before me
I'm the cool grave robbing, raiding tombs looking for food
In places that you never even thought to
The dead and they don't put up any fight
Besides once you ain't got no life
The rest is useless
You say it's ruthless but they don't mind they're dead
And after their consumed they got my life

[Shaggy 2 Dope]
See I got me a job diggin as a grave digger
Who woulda figured my plans was much bigger
But nonetheless the graveyard shift by myself
Dumbass rookies don't know what to you could do with a belt
Dig them up in a line, and strap them up right
Throw the strings over limbs
and make them dance in the moonlight (yaye yaye)
Got my own party started
Damn, I'm busted, they got two others guys high

[Chorus x2]

[Monoxide Child]
With the gray smoke covering me
I float down with the intentions
of grabbing another body from the ground
Is it a sickness nobody understands
I'm all alone except for all the dead bodies
I'm keeping up in my home
They always listen to me
Never interrupt or pass judgment
I can really be myself around them
And I love it, it's my own world
Hand picked from the tombs of past on's
Now give me your grave stone to dance on

[Blaze Ya Dead Homie]
They coming to evict me out the hole in the pine box, I rotted
Been waiting here so long I thought I been forgotten
And forsaken in the Earth to remain with the rats and the locusts
Steady crawling through my veins, I'm in pain
But I can hear their shovels getting close
I'm shaking like a bitch after 11 years alone
Bash my head into the box I can't take it anymore
I gotta free myself up out the grave
Something else in store

[Chorus x2]

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