Album: Psychopathics From Outer Space Volume 2

Year: 2003


Anybody Killa, yeah
Anybody Killa, come on

(Anybody Killa)
What up ya'll?
Welcome to the mothafucking Regal Beagle
Before we play this next track
I want all my pimps and playas
I mean all my single, no lady, pimps and playas
To find the hottest girl in the room
And go up to her and her man, and take that bitch

(Anybody Killa)
Pour me a drink, time to get drunk
Role that blunt, lets get fucked up
What you think that I can't hang?
Just because I'm stumbling?
I’m a warrior, bitch recognize
Sipping fire water since the age of nine
Tomahawk in my hand like it says on my feet
Looking for me a squanto to take home and freak
Straight to the teepee, things ain't changed
Pack the piece pipe before I hit that strange
Pop on the deer buckskin rubber
Lay her down slow on my bear hide cover
Bitch is out for the count
Cause she fucked all night and got her box banged out
Should have known not to fuck with me
Totem poll warrior from the 313

(Chorus x2)
I know you wanna be
(Wanna be)
I know you wanna be
(Wanna be)
I know you wanna be
A Warrior

(Anybody Killa)
You wanna be a warrior? Follow me
(I can take you different places)
Down to the roots, cause the roots are the tree
(And show you all these passed on faces)
But still living cause they living inside of me
(They only wanna know about the Earth, they wanna breathe)
That's why I have all this crazy energy
(I'm only trying to explain)
Why I drink, and love to smoke
Regal Beagle powwows with my road fools hoe
Showing off the nub (Yeah)
Only hanging with scrubs (Come on)
Take a bath in blood, motherfuck a tub
That's how we do it, I ain't playing (No)
Mud duck, hood rat hoes parlaying (Biotch!)
Drinking 40's while twisted this spliff
Detroit, Eastside, get with it

(Chorus x2)
I know you wanna be
(Wanna be)
I know you wanna be
(Wanna be)
I know you wanna be
A Warrior

(Anybody Killa & Esham)
Marijuana, crack 40's
To get by
Na-Na, Na-Na-Na
No you can't have none
Hoe cakes gone, weed baggies bare
Roaches done been smoked
Man I'm outta here (Peace ya'll)
Pack up fools, time to bust
Searching for a new sack of mother Earth we trust (Uh-huh)
Get high, stay high, live high
And if you wanna go the way I go, die high
This party ain't over til the weed man sings
Steady locked behind bars, I can't bring that thang
All we all get raided for helping ourselves
Mary Jane get us focused, now she's wanted in Hell
Now every party that I go to, I'm keeping it real
Devil shouts keep them coming with a blunt to fill (Yup!)
Stay true to the game, think big
Front and center, buck wild
See you next week kid (Bye-bye)

(Chorus x2)
I know you wanna be
(Wanna be)
I know you wanna be
(Wanna be)
I know you wanna be
A Warrior

(Esham x4)
Marijuana, crack 40's
To get by

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