Album: Psychopathics From Outer Space Volume 2

Year: 2003


What up ya'll?
Aight, gotta little something to say
You know I been chillin, chillin in the underground
And we see all of all ya'll
Yea we see ya'll
You know what I'm saying?
Everybody in the game trying to do their thing
You in the industry
We in the streets
You know what I'm saying?
The label that runs beneath the streets
ABK, Esham, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Zug Izland, ICP, and

[Jamie Madrox:]
Hey you bitch boy guess what?
Me and my brother made of rubber
So when Twiztid's in the house
We bounce the mothafucker
Save your pen ink and your paper
Player hater
We bring the dark side
Everywhere like the temper
Ain't you heard
Ain't nobody jocking your shit
Use an open toed sandle
Just flip-flopping it
Here's one for your play list
Suck my mothafucking dick
First single
You can wait on the remix

[Monoxide Child:]
Get your candle blew out
I feel the love homie
Even if it's hating your mouth
I'm still the same sick and Twiztid individual
Looking to go ballistic
So reminiscent to make your [?]
I keep it covered and smothered
Like hash browns
And my war songs ready
Keeping them vultures from swooping down
I'm as classic as a throwback version
Of Michael Myers
Where the hatred that'll spread
Like a forest fire

[Chorus x4:]
Why yuwannahoe?
(So don't worry)
Don't hate on me
(Get the fuck outta here)

[Monoxide Child;]
I trying to shake them off my colar
With a pop and a twist
But these haters hang on
Like some velcro shits
I can't escape it
I try scraping them off
But they holding on so tight
It's like rapping a moth
I leave you mothafuckers shaking
In the frost of my cold heart
And burry you alive
In a hole in my backyard
Don't act hard
You don't want to chance it sonny
Monoxide, you know how we do this, money

[Jamie Madrox:]
So now I hear that you're attacking my crew
For the shit that we do
And you'se a bitch
Thinking ain't nobody sweeter then you
We spitting sugar shock
For you dum-dum lollypops
Give you 20 whole seconds to reload your glock
Better bust right
If you're looking for the lime light
Better sit down
Get your rhyme right
Get your shit tight
Round here we stay tight
Like fly anus
When no video
Don't no radio rotate us
And no play list
Just young, dumb, and faceless
While big cats copping these dumb hoes
And nice bracelet

(You hear that, all you stars go wait on your publishing checks so you can pay your baby momma rent, what?)

[Chorus x4:]
Why yuwannahoe?
(So don't worry)
Don't hate on me
(Get the fuck outta here)

[Monoxide Child:]
I don't know why
They hate me so much
Dedicating more then half of their life
To doing such bitch ass shit
It's making me wanna retaliate
You'd probably press charges
Hoping that they'd lock me away

[Jamie Madrox:]
I'm not a bad boy
I'm a fat boy, bitch boy
My whole team spits raps
While your team is unemployed
Riding a pie
I'm a give them a piece of my mind
You'se a back burner project
Getting done up from behind
My whole squad drops LPs to CDs
And making way more chow
Then you'll hoes will ever see

[Anybody Killa:]
That's right mothafuckers
Quit selling that shrink rap
Boo-boo bitch

[Chorus x4:]
Why yuwannahoe?
(So don't worry)
Don't hate on me
(Get the fuck outta here)

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