Everyday I Die

Album: The Wraith: Hell's Pit

Year: 2004


(Violent J)
(Time, Is all I have anymore)

I tried to visit Shaggy, I stepped up off of my porch
And it was dark as fuck I couldn't see, not even with a torch
I hear the streets talkin, and they aware of my move
They whisperin, and swingin, from the trees above
I hear the loons
I try to jog a little, crow eyes, glow like cats
Demonic zombies runnin' up on me, I slap 'em with the bat
But my eyes keep bleedin', from the rays of the darkness
They powerful, and burn you somethin heartless (uh!)
I hear a giant thumpin'
Some kind of ogre, or somethin'
I see the phatom screamin, as this giant bohemoth, is comin'
And it swung at me, I felt a rip my head went spinnin'
Flippin and rollin, and finally landed in position
I could see my body, still standin, headless as fuck
It finally fell, but what the hell, still got my nugget, but i'm stuck
I can't move, fuck i'm only a face, why even try
On top of that, it's a centipede crawlin' in my eye
I wanna die

Everyday I die
(Back to the start, another try)
I got the time so why should't i?
Everyday I die
(Back to the start, another try)
I got the time so why should't i?

(I got too much time on my hands)

(Shaggy 2 Dope)
I tried to visit J, I walked out into the cold
I see they don't collect they dead, they all up over the road
And some, are fully rotted
And some, they must've just spotted
I seen a headless body that resembles J's, but I doubt it
I seen a centaur , I threw a pitch fork at it, above
I watch it fall into a bloody patch of bodies and blood
I'm fuckin' 'bout to hurl, i close my eyes and walk on
Theres giant crows swoopin at me, got me, carry me on
I cut it's claws, with the hatchet, I keep in my hand
Even in hell, you best believe, I keep the hatchet in my hand
And as I'm fallin' now, I see the witches right on my chest
With its claws on my neck, screamin' I shoulda confessed
I slam down into an iron gate, a demon statue near me
Four points stickin out my chest, i'm hangin there dearly
And the hungry goblins, they gotta fire beneath me
They cookin' my legs, to make myself eat me
I wanna die


(I got too much time on my hands)(x5)

(Chorus till end)

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