Suicide Hotline

Album: The Wraith: Hell's Pit

Year: 2004


"Suicide Hotline, can I help you?"
"Yeah, uh, well I'm about to fuckin' kill myself"
"Listen, you don't wanna do that, okay? You don't wanna do that"
"I'm gonna, there's so many fuckin' reasons why I don't even need to be here anymore
I'm gonna put a slug in my fuckin' head!"
"You don't wanna do that. You wanna be here on Earth, okay?"
"Fuck that shit man, I got a gun right now..."
"Put it away"
"...And I got it under my chin.. man, fuck that!
I'm gonna blow my head all over the ceiling"
"No you're not, okay"
"Fuck this shit, man! "
"Hey, just talk to me, okay?"

Violent J:
It ain't no point to me waking up
everybody's time I'm taking up
I got nobody, it ain't a shoulder near
I can't stay here and it's colder there (Where?)
I don't wanna look back cause it's gonna hurt
I slice my wrist and it's gonna squirt
For me everybody holds a hate
I got backstabbed and everybody holds the stake
it's no roads to take I'm in a circle drive
bustin' at myself and I'm tryna survive
I'll disappoint you, and I will let you down
and I ain't got many home boys comin' round
you don't understand so don't say you do (Oh, I do)
I swear I'll put a mother fuckin' slug in you (Now, now)
I'm the only one, the lonely one
and at home loading a gun thinking why not?

Why not?
Why you wanna die?
You have feelings inside your head, okay
I understand that
Feelings lead to depression
When you have depression
You have a lonely void inside your heart, okay
And your heart means everything in the world, okay?

Violent J:
I got court comin' up, I stole a truck
I got a bitch pregnant and I'm broke as fuck
I wanna get high but i got piss test
I'm always first name on top of the shit list
get this, the witch has made my chest (Why?)
it's permanent nightly visiting nest
it ain't no clothes I look good in
I'm the mother fuckin' big red train that couldn't
I got no family I stole they shit
restraining orders and I still won't quit
I hit rock bottom, and I fell in a hole
and I fell through the floor of that hole some more
I been missin for a year, nobody's lookin' (I am)
I got beat down and my shit tookin'
I look ahead and all I see is more of the same
or this self inflicted bullet hole pouring my brain!

Okay, I understand you're in pain, okay?
I understand, everything you're going through
I've been there myself, okay
Now, your pain is my pain, alright?
And I feel your pain, and I want to be your friend
Me and you, friends

Violent J:
I dream about cuttin' heads off with a shovel
the dreams are gettin' serious think I'm in trouble (Oh my)
I don't hold memory for more than an hour
I'm tire as fuck and I'm drained of power
I ain't half way there and I'm outta time
I'm like a crushed light bulb, all outta shine
I been around the world but no place is home
I wanna see the other side when I face this chrome
I'm butt-naked, I been jackin' off gettin' drunk
it's my last hours alive who gives a fuck? (Me!)
It don't matter. I'm doing the shit in the garage
Tryna make it easier for them to clean my head splodge
this bitch I loved, I hope she finds me, (Wait, wait)
still up in the chair with my thoughts behind me
I'm about to do it, (No!)
Can you hold for a second...

"Hey whats up?"
"Where you at?"
"Right down the street"
"Wit who?"
"My girl Shannon. We were wonderin if we could stop by?"
"Well shit, yea, come on by"
"Yea. Hey,hey hey hey..."
"I know bring some blunts, alright"
"Uh huh alright bye"

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