Murda Cloak

Album: Forgotten Freshness Volume 4 Disc 2

Year: 2005


Goin' Trick-or-treatin' in my... Murda Cloak
Goin' Trick-or-treatin' in my Murda Cloak

[Verse 1]
I woke up I don't remember fallin' asleep
I feel the same wicked hungers callin' from deep
They tell me to hunt devils in they robes and slippers
Take some bow clippers, a black cloak and scissors
Now I'm standin' in the backyard full of regret
Staedy sweatin' once I do this ain't over yet
In and through the back door everybody's asleep
I see they tidy and neat, I'm 'bout to bloody they sheets
It's gonna be a blood-splatter expert field day
Because I'm killin' today, to take this feelin' away
They told me you people are here to ruin our cause
Nevermind screwin' your drawers, ya gonna have to repaint the walls
'Cause its a hunger, and I'm hungry like I'm homeless and its Thanksgivin'
Thank you for the sacrifice your life is what you givin'
No forgivin' me you hate the homiciadal insane
You hatin' nothin' with these scissors in your brain
Now watch your eyes bleed

It's the simplest life...
I can't stop myself, I need some help
And with nobody left I'm killin' myself
It's the simplest life...
I can't stop myself, I need some help
And with nobody left I'm killin' myself

[Verse 2]
Sometimes I wear my Murda Cloak and tune into the news
I like to watch they speculation 'cause they always assume
They found a shoeprint, a nail, and a (?) up there
When the fuck these stupid piggies gonna learn out there
I tied a bitch up, I duct taped the bitch face
I threw her in the trunk at home I found her suffocated waste
I had to cut the bitch up, just meant to shut the bitch up
I never fucked that ho they said I did, man she was a slut
I'm sick and tired of they lives, thus everybody dies
Break into some homes, I see a spoon and bloody eyes I'm nutty, guys
But you can't see the darkness I do
Maybe I'm heartless, it's true, but every part is 'cause you
My daddy beat me with a seven, I had then brought home a hooker
My daddy beat her shovel, threw her in the cooker
Next day I hate to say it, but you know what happens next
He served my plate and in the meat I found a Kotex, Oh my God

H-H-Ha-Hallowicked (Hallowicked)
I time for the dawn of muder (and muder folks)
Join us...
As we freball backwards...into the depths

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