If I Was God

Album: Psychopathics From Outer Space Volume 3

Year: 2007


(America - has lost sight of God
The Bible says - the wicked shall be turned to hell
And all nations that forget God
America has forgotten The God
The more rapes there will be
The more muggings there will be
The more drugs there will be
The more murders there will be)

If I was God - I'd probably try to clear my brain
Kick back up in the heavens and see what we can change
First off, I'd have no guns - just hand to hand combat
Only the strong survive like cavemen, I'd like that

If I was God - the Sun would blink from time to time and blackout
I'd introduce the newest ryda - put Eazy-E back out
I'd fuckin' ride up in the sky upon a cloud floatin' around
Both grantin' wishes and throwing lightning bolts down

If I was God - I'd show up and host a Saturday night live
Just to freak em' out and let everybody know I'm alive

If I was God - I'd explode every crooked preacher's head
Right then when he's screaming and preaching face all red ... POP!

If I was God - I'd go and try to whip the devils' ass
But it probably ain't that easy and I probably learn it fast

If I was God - I'd ride a dragon down to earth
Pull Bin Laden out of sand - fuckin' kill him myself

If I was God - I'd turn pop music upside down
We have the top 40 list - be top 40 underground
I'd watch Twiztid take home 7 grammies or more
I'd see Boondox riding front page on the source
And somehow I'd be about to marry a Beyonce
Tellin the paparazzi "All y'all get the fuck outta the way!!!"

If I was God - I'll grow my face hairs long like Moses
Hit the club in iced out halo and see where the hoes is
I cork all the volcanos and let this bitch blow
And then rewrite the timeline so that it never happened so
I do it again and again and again and again and again
Every time I needed to express my anger within
I'd fly above the cities - a giant with searchlight eyes
I let you motherfuckers know I'm watching - ready to energize
I've got them lighting bolts, I'd turn prisons to country clubs
Make a lot more hotties be attracted to scrubs

If I was God - every now and then it rained dynamite
Just to keep you on your toes - make sure you got your shit tight
I'd bring dinosaurs back - just when nobody expects
And send your prayers to each other - see if you gonna reject it
I'd give everybody free rewinds for shit they mighta' passed up
I cure the sick and diseased and let the crippled get their ass up
I make it rain money everywhere it's needed
Crooked cops will get their ass beaten, shit and get even
I'd do a lot a shit different, but I don't know shit
I'm so happy that I ain't him, my head about to split
I've fuckin' make it rain indoors - I know that much
I'd take a photo of me with the devil in a camel clutch
And put it on all the TVs for 24 hours
Make giant meteors pass by the earth within the couple yards

Shit, If I was God - I'd walk around the city like King-Kong
Be down on the street and fuckin' peep in your home

If I was God - jealousy would be easily detected
Their faces would turn out of the demon everytime time they felt it
Fucking earthquake - I'll shake this bitch dramatically
I pick the earth of shaking pepper my spaghetti with trees

Holy shit yall'
What the fuck would I do?
If I was God ?
Man, fuck, what the fuck should I do?

I'd give all hungry and needy pizzas and steak
And cook it all over the flames of hell if that's what it takes
I'd drop a couple new animals every fuckin' month or so
And send a few tornadoes through where they normally go
I'd not only walk on the water for you - I'd hammer slide and boogie
And snap my fingers, and give all the little kids each a cookie
I'd send snowstorms to the dessert, heatstrokes to the artic
Three times a year visits which are dearly departed
I'd put about 10 000 real jasonwhoeeves[?] up there
Just to add a fresh element of fear in the air
I'd throw angel picnics and parties we get drunk and come down to earth
Probably picking fuckin' fights up in the church
I'd have a stretch limo so long the fronts already there and I even left yet
Faygo lakes everywhere
I'd jog inside the earth and make it spin like a hamster wheel
I'd have aliens come and try to make us their meal
But that's exactly why they gave the job to somebody else
Or is there "a they" fuck it - figure it yourself
Cause I ain't have a clue in hell
Shit, I'm probably going to hell

Fuck it, man
What ?
I'm going to Hell!

I'm probably fucking going to Hell!
Fuck it, man
I'm going to hell!
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