Last Day Alive

Album: Psychopathics From Outer Space Volume 3

Year: 2007


I woke up and pour bleech in my cup
Down 35 times
Now I'm givin no fucks
Just 24 hours left till I'm meek
Gotta whole day of livin
Gotta live it till my last breath
I took some blow to my nose, fucked some hoes
Grabbed the 44 and shot the motha fucka at the front door
Snag the keys to his 5 series
In the front seat now I'm steady gunnin at police
On my way to the next stop
Free bace'n crack rocks
Main veinin black tar
Tearin up the whole block
Pulled up at the Bank of America
Steady dodgin bullets like a cartoon charecter
I grabbed the blonde, told her empty out the safe
Threw the money on the ground and shot the bitch in her face
Only 23 hours left
Times runnin out
Fuck all the waitin I put the barrel in my own mouth

[Chorus: x4]
Last day alive. I'm with the Grim Reaper
With every hour I'm goin deeper

[Shaggy 2 dope:]
My last day the puttin me up in prison
Cause I'm hangin myself with my hatchet chain
What if I'm chokin?
And these days are gone
What the fuck you gonna do
In my last days I'm straight raw doggin these crusty ass hoes
Who wanna still be fuckin
What's the use, hey
I'm dead anyway
Talk the talk walk the walk
What ya gotta say
I'll get on my knees and pray to God, Allah, Buddha.
Yo, who ever pays
It really don't matter cause I'm burnin
And the next couple days I'm a earn it
Deviant, filthy, useless. Don't confuse it
It's my last couple days I'm a use em up
Motha fuck these days I'm outta luck
Bottom line is, don't get in my way cause this is real

[Chorus x4]

I got some bad news and a phone call from my doctor
Sayin I don't have long
24 hours and my lifes a rap
So I'm a spend it like a motha fuckin mainiac
Pullin up to my old job from back in the day
Blarin the AK and let my windex spray
Bustin off at the cops when they just pull up
Roll my window down and throw a wicked clown sing up
Times up and another 8 hours
So I showed up at my baby mammas bridal shower
Walk up to her with my axe in hand
Cut her head off right in front of her new man
Another quick chop to her mom and dad
Now I'm covered in blood
And headed back to my van
My shit list is almost complete
I got one more person to kill and that's me

[Chorus x4]

Last Day Alive [x4]

[Chorus x4]

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