Album: Untitled

Year: 2008


Ice pick, chainsaw, razor blade,
Toothpick, slingshot, hand grenade,
Handgun, shovel or hockey stick,
Switchblade, blowgun, roundhouse kick.

Acid, poison, bow and arrow,
Garden hoe, or the fallin' barrel.
Sling blade, prick or ninja sword,
Whips and chains or electric cord.

Board, lead pipe or guillotine,
Pillow or Kevorkian's Death Machine.
Rope, sledgehammer or sleepin' pills,
Car crash, murder, all different thrills.

Wood chipper, axe or a throwing knife,
Suffocation or metal pliers.
Club, weed whacker, or wrecking ball,
Potato peeler, brass knucks and all.

A lethal injection, chemical reaction,
Body blows, five thugs in action.
Dirt rake, earthquake, crossbow,
Morning star, a shotgun rifle.

Frostbite, a dog bite, dynamite,
A fall from a great height, a snake bite.
Dagger, a flamethrower, a spiked bat,
Dirt nap, numchucks or a bear trap.

Heatstroke, your neck broke,
A cinder block, a flower pot drops, throat chops,
Machete, golf clubs, a pair of scissors,
Choke hold, beer bottle, hedge clippers.

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