Album: The Shining

Year: 2009


I'm running racing freeway chasing
Climbing fast increase the pacing
Pick this shit up, come on with it
Rip this shit, let's go and get it
Heartbeat rising, picking up motion
Spark that shit, chase that explosion
Catch that action, feed me thrills
Wipe that sweat up, pop them pills
Death is closing in we f**king turn that fire up,
I'm cooking, panic looking, twitching, climbing
Trouble I'm in tragic lies and
all surprise sound the sirens
Beat the pressure, weapons firing
Mash the pedals, crank that shit up
Beat the clock, let's rock so get up
Why can't I settle down
Pick it up! Pick it up! Pick it up!
Why cant I slow it down
Pick it up! Pick it up! Pick it up!
Sweat is burning up my eyes
And up the center lane I'm flying
Hyper-speeds I'm slipping quick
I'm swiftly falling off the cliff
I turn the wheels with no control
Into the blackness of this hole
Beat the digger pull the trigger
Passed the bullet falling quicker
Barely breathing super-speeding
And were weaving through the trees
And ultra forward nitro levels
Deeper than the reddest devils
Rocket fuel sonic behaviour
Mental meltdown ain't no saviour
Feel the blast, shattered glass
Fired up and moving fast

Faster! Higher! Burning, fire!

Lose control much [faster] take me out much [higher] put me out I'm [burning] put me out I'm [burning] set my brain on [fire]
I tried the drugs, can't relax
Here comes the train I'm on the tracks
Here comes the bullet and I'm stuck
Tell me why I'm always f**ked
Another tragedy inside, nowhere left for me to hide
Ain't no place to get away, ain't no way to save the day
Ain't no cover from the rain, ain't no escape from this pain
Ain't nobody I can blame, why am I f**king insane

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