When I Rap

Album: The Shining

Year: 2009


When I rap, I make trees collapse
Shake the street like a tank perhaps
When I sing, I clear cloudy skies
Reveal the truth among a million lies
When I spit, I make ugly hot
Slot machines stop and hit jackpot
When I rhyme, I like the dark
Hungry passion from the heart
When I rap, the freekshow appears
Do in three seconds what takes two years
When I sing, you can feel the wind
We in three d and time can bend
When I spit, it's like power on
Total staleness becomes the BOMB!
When I rhyme, the sun shines over
And the moon appears that much closer
When I rap, I defy impossible
Leap right over it like every obstacle
When I sing, volcanoes errupt
I turn twenty cents into fifty bucks
When I spit, we reach high elevation
Your head recieves mass education
When I rhyme, everybody can fly
Goals get reached on they very first try
When I rap, the carnivals in town
Four leaf clovers all over the ground
When I sing, the hat can sing
Toys come alive and it ain't pretend
When I spit, I spin the planet faster
We skip tragedies and dodge disaster
When I rhyme, shooting stars collide
Colorful explosions all in the sky
When I rap, I become attractive
Melt the mic down, I'm radioactive
When I sing, hotties drop they thongs
They all want to fuck to they favorite songs
When I spit, I'm the candyman
Turn any ghetto into candyland
When I rhyme, I bring rain to flames
Break down walls and chew through chains

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