It's All Over

Album: Bang Pow Boom Nuclear Edition

Year: 2010


Holy **** it's hot outside, extra hot
The sun is closer then its ever got
The skys pulluted its rainin crud
pandemonium throught out the hood
every hour the planet shakes
buildings collapse from the earthquakes
free ways are packed horns are blown
nobody really knowing where the **** they're goin

Tidal waves swallowing the shores coffins pushing up through your floors
its suddenly frezzing we fall to peices [ay for alla and call to jesus
some stay home and hold their wives other flip out and end their lives

me i climb the roof of my house spread my arms out and sing

it's all over [x2]

huh, walking along my path
the city has morphed into a blood bath
some are looting others shooting
the devils in the sky and he's recruiting

tornados twisting through downtown throwing buses and trucks around
its snowing hailing and burning up
i rock my headphones and turn'em up

folks dieing crying dead and crwing run to the curch, cant fit'em all in
watch the groundscape crack in half a bottemless pit
some stay home and welcome death appreciate in each additional breath
me i climb the roof of my house spread my arms out and sing

it's all over [x2]

taking it all in [x3]

acid, rain, lighting, sin, earth shattering

taking it all in [x2]

the sun explodes and we absorb it
our planet spins right out of orbit

aliens show up and eat manking
a virus spreads with no cure to find

god has had enough or our ****
a nuclear war breaks out and thats it

to be on this planet living your live
to see it all end would be alright

you cants complain, you wouldnt die alone
you can die with loved ones and die at home

and your not missing anything when your gone
plus seeing all end and what goes on

to see this great world come to an end would be the next best to seeing it begin

it's all over [x2]

Corrosion, Burnt up
and frozen

the sky is fallin
the gods are calling
its appalling
this **** we all in

it's all over [x7]

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