Never get it outta me

Album: American Psycho Tour CD

Year: 2011


[Verse 1: Jamie Madrox]
Why should I? Be motivated
To conform to a new way of thinking as if mine is broke
Take it like a joke, but it works just fine
Call me the punch-line now for few more times
In my expanse I'm senseless, to ridicule that's relentless
Let's re-event this antagonistic norm patterns
Cut along the dotted line discard the anit matter
From the scissiors just like the drama in strain
The sickness that come around us and seperate the flock in grain
I'm insane so refrain from medicine
That curbs and arrange your ears off
Down with reflection in perception of normal scene
Sweater vent with the khakis
Greedy american morderous thoughts of glory
I've been afflicted to swallow bullets and spit braid
In a mix, original recipe of change

Don't go!
Thinking you're changing me
I know I'm crazy
But it's the price we pay for livin' this way
Don't go!
Thinking you're changing me
I know I'm crazy
I'm havin' way too much for fittin' insane

[Verse 2: Monoxide]
I'm a noose swingin', maniac bringin' back that feelin'
Everybody's been lookin' for that attack speakin'
Spading you out like a chiropractic back treatment
Just to leave you flat out your head leakin'
Disperse get away from me, I'm not lookin' to hurt
But that's the way it works from livin' dangerously
Outta the ordinery, honorary I'm just outta my fucking gord
Extension cord you from the backseat
Pissin' em all of, even if villains won't beef
So I let em off eat it outta the sawed off
Sixteen bars and one beat deck
Seventeen way I gotta axe em out of the car seat
Eighteen reasons for you to pretend
I make believe it's all a dream and I split you in half
Now there's a bloodbath waitin', it's outta my mind
Making me cross a line, fuck if you lost a life


[Verse 3: Jamie Madrox]
Yo, maybe I could fit in, maybe if I didn't sin
Maybe I would be a good recruit for that old boot camp
Rob a stand for approval, everyone's in need of
I need none of this, not an atheist or scientologist
Scientifically hidden in with a dose of humanology
So enemy flood skip thee apologies, stupid is and stupid does
You never get it outta me

[Verse 4: Monoxide]
I got a locker nobody knows around
Not even my doctor can figure it out
Now let me tell you a secret screaming it loud
I'm a fucking psychopath bloody and proud
Now look inside of the basement of my house
Just pass the sewer door, lights out
Cobwebs and metaphors, fight rounds
Whole lookin' for something more, then I shout

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