I shot a hater

Album: Featuring Freshness

Year: 2011


I Shot A Hater in The Head
w/ a 357 & he seriously thought he'd be going to heaven,
he was a hater, he spent all of his days way disgusted,
his head was full of that hate when it busted,

I Shot a Hater down, & it blew off his wig,
talk alot of fuckin shit is all he ever did,
nobody misses a hater,
they all oughtta write me a check cuz i blew a fuckin hater's head right off his neck

(Monoxide & Violent J)
I Shot A Hater in The Head & really it don't matter
cause nobody is gunna miss his most poisonous chatter,
come up missin with that hatin that you spittin
fuckin' with Twiztid, ICP & Triple 6 up in the club & we wig split,
ch-ch-chokin haters like the neck of a chicken,
my 2 piece will put a hole up in ya gizzard
so don't even speak on the wizard,
I brought a crew of killers with me,
you can hear the trunk beatin' on ya front lawn,
cheiffin, even get cha in ya sleep,

(Hook-Violent J)
I shot a hater in his head
((he was all in my space-Madrox??))
I shot a hater in his head
((told him to get the fuck out my face))
I shot a hater in his head
((he wouldn't leave it alone))
I shot a hater in his head
((now this motherfucker gone))

(Juicy J)
Ridin' w/ my niggas & we all gettin high,
drinkin on sum vodka & we smokin on sum fire,
these haters stay mad cause we always pull a surprise,
they fucked ya baby moma & she nutt off in her eye,
we keep them big guns for you hos' who want to chump,
And even use these bitches to get ya bitch to stump,
we rotty in the club, sippin, surpin, takin' bumps,
so fuck you haters, we gonna lock you in the trunk,

(Shaggy 2 Dope)
I Shot a hater in the head & i want my props,
cause everybody fresh & know the hatin never stops,
I took 1 for the team & risk going to jail,
I told him to turn around & made his head sail,
I shot a hater, & all he did was split into 2,
haters never die!, what i'm spitttin is True,
the more you the shit the more the grow to hate you,
I shoot 'em all in the head, what more can I do?

(1/2Hook)(DJ Clay)
I shot A Hater in his face, shot his dad in the dick,
cause he shouldn't of shot the nut that created this bitch,
i told his moma i would kill her so i'll fuck her instead,
and made a hater-ur-ass, gi-gi-gimme sum head,
i played with the dark tits, then i tripped her up,
took her dirty too butt, & then stuck it up in the slut,
cause i don't give a motherfuckin fuck about
a hater or his family or his friends i put 'em down like elevators

i shot a hater in the head & she popped like a baloon,
now i'm mean muggin thes motherefuckers like what cha'all wanna do,
get shot like ya home boy,
he was a bitch, a straight hater, so I emptied a clip up in his face,
I shot a hater in the head cause the shit that they say,
straight reloaded the gat,
then i passed it to Juicy J cause if Three 6 Got any beef w/ whoever,
then psychopathic bring the bullets & we kill 'em together

(Violent J)I shot a Hater in his headx3


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