Lost At The Carnival

Album: The Marvelous Missing Link (Found)

Year: 2015


[Verse 1: Violent J & (Shaggy 2 Dope)]
You havin fun, walkin witcha mom and pops
At the carnival, you get on the cyclops
As it spins, it whips you up, something terrifying
You're scared to death, two seconds from cryin'
(It's finally over, you run back to where your parents were
But they're missing, everything's a blur
You walk into the crowd, nothin makes cute faces
You hear buzzes and bells and laughs from mental cases)
Are they in the fun house? You walk into it
And right away you're thinking "why did I do it?"
You're in the tilted room, the maze of mirrors
Scary faces in the black light, drumming up fears
(You headed up the stairs, and down the slide
Thank God you're finally back outside
You check the food lines, river world, highs and lows
It's really happenin', you're lost at the carnival)

[Hook: Young Wicked]
Went around, Lost at the Carnival
Where'd they go? Lost at the Carnival
Went in town, Lost at the Carnival
I don't know, Lost at the Carnival
Check around, Lost at the Carnival
Check again, Lost at the Carnival
You're alone, Lost at the Carnival
Lost in a maze, Lost at the Carnival
Lost at the Carnival, you're lost at the caaarnn...

[Verse 2: Violent J & (Shaggy 2 Dope)]
You get on the ferris wheel, a view from above
Oh, you didn't try the river of love?
You hop in a boat slowly floating through the darkness
Evil cupids swooping down on a harness
(You wanna cry, but you try to hold it in, man
Is that daddy shooting BB's at the tin cans?
Run up to him, tap him on the shoulders
Some drunk, would've been about 30 years older)
"Come on! Don't bother me! i'm tryna win, kid!"
You didn't look in Queen Lasheva's pyramid
Once again, there you are lost in a maze
Staring at King Tut, in his eyes you gaze
(Suddenly he blinks and stares right back upon you
Running off, was it real, or was it supposed to do that?
Don't ask Carnies for help, they got levers to pull
It's really happenin', you're lost at the Carnival)

[Hook: Young Wicked]

[Verse 2: Violent J & (Shaggy 2 Dope)]
You hear laughter, you smell the cotton candy cookin'
Goin' through the haunted mansion
Now looking for your parents
Clown faces popin' out the dark
You're thinking "it's impossible to check the whole park"
(Just when you've had about all you can take
You check the midway games, and that was a mistake)
"Hey kid, come over here, it's only a buck!"
"Hey little boy, win a big prize, come try yer luck!"
Only one place left, the house of amusement
It looks friendly, it's gotta be where they went
Inside you find your father, his eyes glow red
He's on display in the wall of the hall of death!
(There's your mother with fangs, chained to a potion
You ain't even alive, you realize you're a ghost
This is your personal hell, and now you know
That you're doomed to forever be lost at the Carnival!)

[Hook x2: Young Wicked]
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