Mr. White Suit

Album: The Marvelous Missing Link (Found)

Year: 2015


For ages, the local legend of a man known only as "Mr. White Suit" has loomed throughout
Detroit's most poverty-stricken neighborhoods
Who is this wonderful man?
Have you any faith in this mythical magician?
Listen, and decide

[Verse 1:]
Damn, feels good outside
Mr. White Suit takes a drive
Nowhere to be, just riding local
Smell the food from Xochimilco
Big white Caddy, white wall wheels
He pass the hungry, they get meals
He pass the sick, they feel better
He pass the poor, they get cheddar
Mr. White Suit cures your cancer
He has the antidote, knows the answer
Missing kids, been gone for years
He takes 'em home and the parents cheer
He got a hundred spokes; corners, he bends 'em
With his face on a fat hood emblem
He hits the car wash closed for business
And leaves it thriving, alive; what is this?

[Hook 1]
If you need something, if your life ain't right
Keep your eyes open for the man in white
If you're lost and alone, looking for the truth
You can find the way home, follow the white suit

Mr. White Suit shine, never spills his wine
He keeps his whole shit clean, it's Mr. White Suit
You can catch the beams, you can catch the rays
It's brighter every day, it's Mr. White Suit

[Verse 2]
Mr. White Suit parks his Caddy
Kids run up and call him "daddy"
He takes a quick walk across the street
'Cause there's somebody he'd like to meet
Terry Ross can't see a thing
Until he kiss Mr. White Suit's ring
Now he sees the whole world outside
When Mr. White Suit walk, he glide
People cheer, he leads a parade
Of down and out folk, gettin' paid
His rims, they gleam so bright and shiny
The nuggets in his watch are blinding
His shoes are white, even the bottoms
He's so damn tall, easy to spot him
White flamingos fly above him
All the people 'round here, we love him

[Hook 2]
He's so clean and he's not a dream
He's the realest I've ever seen
His rings are so blingy that they beam
Be thankful he's on our team
Looking out for us


[Verse 3]
Mr. White Suit touch the old
And leave 'em young and rich with gold
Miss Bency is in a wheelchair
She rolled up to him, in need of real care
He placed his hands upon her hips
She did the moonwalk and then the splits
Through the neighborhood we go
With Mr. White Suit, riding slow
His teeth are dime and his smile shines
And everything he says, it rhymes
His suit's so bright without a stain
His white kangol hat, quite the same
Gems and rubies line his cane
They say on him it never rain
He talks with the crazy and makes 'em sane
It's true; he'll take away your pain

[Hook 1]
[Hook 2]

It's Mr. White Suit
It's Mr. White Suit
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