Pineaplle Pizza

Album: The Marvelous Missing Link (Found)

Year: 2015


[Dialogue - Cindy:]
Hey J, It's Cindy, I had a great time the other night! Listen, I wanted to see if you wanted to
come over tonight, maybe we can get a pizza and listen to some records!

[Verse 1:]
I met a girl named Cindy, she was fine
She liked to get drunk on red wine
She had cinnamon flavored lipstick
When she blew me it burned my dip stick
But she was funny and she was nice
I hit it the first day and fucked her twice
She took me home and locked the door
And played old shit from Al B. Sure!
Pineapple pizza and Faygo Redpop
She shut the shades and checked the deadlock
Somebody knocked on the door all night
But we laid low and killed the light
They kept knocking and firmly split
She broke out with her own sex kit
Freaky toys, but I was straight
'Cause i can make my own dick vibrate

[Dialogue - Shaggy 2 Dope:]
'Cindy'? What? Wait a fuckin' minute!

You should know, yo
A hoe is a hoe
And then you go burn
And now you know
But baby, whoa, this ain't the end of the show
I'm coming back for more
Cause I’m a juggalo

[Dialogue - Cindy:]
Hey Shag, it's Cindy, I miss you! You need to call me, okay?

[Verse 2:]
Look here J, I’m talking to you
I know a bitch named cindy too
My bitch works at the party store
Right off the bat, she was a naughty whore
I hit it quickly just like you
We fucked so hard my dick was blue
She also likes to get drunk on wine
Let's just hope it's your bitch, ain't mine
My bitch too has cinnamon lips
Plus she's a little bit fat in the hips
Pineapple pizza, my bitch loves it
And Al B. Sure!? Fuck you, that does it
I knocked on the door the other night
Somebody else had cut the light
I can’t believe it, I been deceived
I even paid for that bitch's weave

[Dialogue - Violent J:]
Wait a minute, man! I'm getting played too!


[Dialogue - Cindy:]
Baby, what are you talking about? Like, I don't even know him! O.M.G.!

[Verse 3:]
How the fuck was I supposed to know?
I don't blame you, I blame the hoe
She got me too, I can't believe she cheats us
I don't even like pineapple pizza
Fuck Al B Sure!; one hit wonder
Fuck that spell she had us under
She said she loved me and I believed her
Fuck that shit, I want my weave back
And all them fucking sex toys for what
I don't want none of that near my butt
She's at work, let's grab some gas
And burn her house down in a flash
Douse the signs and douse the porch
It's my pleasure to light the torch
We set it ablaze and drove off laughing
Play some juggalos, see what happens

[Dialogue - Cindy:]
I can't believe my fucking house is on fire! My Al B. Sure! records are in there!

[Chorus] [x2]

[Dialogue - Cindy:]
I don't care about either of you guys anyway, 'cause Billy's my man, so fuckin' peace!

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