The Midway

Album: The Marvelous Missing Link (Found)

Year: 2015


[Verse 1:]
Ladies and gentlemen bring your dollar
Bills ones fives tens and twenties and more
Bring them this way to the dark carnival’s midway games
Win a giant stuffed animal
The prize is yours and they money is ours
At the fun and challenging midway games
Hey there fellow win a prize for your girlfriend’s heart
Pop a balloon with a dart it’s impossible to miss (I popped out three)
We got a big winner give him an N sync sticker
Huh what about them big stuffed animal toys
You gotta pop a thousand for one of them boys
Then he spent till he won and he saw that it was
Made in guatamalamala
It won't last until tomorrow
Step over here son win a fat prize
Look how easy it it wipe your eyes all you gotta do
Is toss a ring on a bottle top
So you try it again and you won’t stop
It look so fucking easy at first
That's why you mom keeps digging in her purse
She spent her last seventy five bucks
But you not hit because you tried so hard to
Get a goldfish

Big winner on the midway track
Shitty prizes yes but you’ll be back
Big winner on the midway track
Shitty prizes yes but you’ll be back

[Verse 2:]
Hit up one of our many on site atms
And come play a few of our stale and
Cheap low budget high profitable midway games
Excuse me sir do you like to shoot hoop
It's a simple concept throw the ball through the loop
And look at these prizes it's worth a try
And plus you look like an athletic guy
Fair enough give me three shots good luck
One brick two brick three brick he sucks
Meanwhile the ball’s getting bigger then the hoop
And we’re getting paid cause people are stupid
Shoot three rubber duckies off the track
And you can win anything in the back
Woah check it out dude they got a Drake poster
I know and i want it let's go for it
Little did they know only two ducks fall back
The rest of them are welded to the track
Good shooting you did nearly came close sir
One more and you would have had that sweet poster


[Verse 3:]
While you are enjoying our midway games
Don’t worry about our pill popping junkie
Ass meth head carnies
Cheating you out of your hard earned money
This game is the easiest give it a try
You know you want to don't just walk by
All you gotta do is knock three cups over
With a bean bag easy as a three leaf clover
So you try it again and again you keep playing
Cause you have no idea what the cups are weighing
Ain't no fucking way a bean bag is going to tip these down
Welcome to the carnival clown
Hey dad win a prize for your son this game has prizes for everyone
Come try the high bell swing the big mallet
Come try the dunk tank see if you can nail it
You can't leave with nothing try it again
Where did you win that prize run back and tell a friend
Ball darts bee bees and water games
We got many many ways to ensure that you’re all all lame


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