The Missing Link

Album: The Marvelous Missing Link: The Outtakes

Year: 2015


The link between you and your salvation
Is it lost or is it found?
Do you live your life with faith or do live it without faith?
This is the question brought forth be him
The 3rd Jokers Card of the mighty second deck
His name? His name is a reflection of the answer itself
He is simply known as:

The Marvelous Missing Link...

What comes around, goes around
The Marvelous Missing Link has been found
Your life's full circle is now completed
Whatever you dished out there you eat it
Now! Let's hope you like it
The way that you treated your mom, was it worth it?
Now that you overdosed on dope and died
The link is tied
You reap everything you sow, let it sink in
Now that your choked up dead and stinking
It's time for judgement, the missing link is now tied in
Off to hell you go ridin
Or shangri-la for the lucky few
Who lived life tried and true
The link and the chain is all for you to gain
All that you got coming to ya BANG!

Death is your thing
The Marvelous Missing Link

What's the matter, ya scared to die?
Well I wonder why?
Is it because you knew when your life was ending
You'd feel your soul descending?
Are you afraid to be treated how you treated others?
Ain't no hiding under the covers
Ain't no taking it back, it's too late for that
The link's tied, face it Jack
We got some nonbelievers out here
Well, we'll see when you face the mirror
and everything becomes so crystal clear
and all that laughter's replaced with fear
The marvelous missing link is your death
And when your life's ending its all that's left
Once you find your link, what's it gonna be?
I can't wait to see

Death is your thing
The Marvelous Missing Link

Boom ba doom ba lickity doe
The link is the real show
Where to run to, where to go?
Crows fly as the wind blow
Un da um ta wickedy yan
The Link found in the sand
A final judgement for mortal man
Crows fly, across the land
Ta ga jun ba higgity zee
The link sets the circle free
Up or down what's it gonna be
The crows rest in the trees
Suk ka zu la ziggity ven
The link is not pretend
It's not to late to mend
The crows fly off again

Death is your thing
The Marvelous Missing Link

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