Noided, Heated & Jelly

Album: Bloody Screams Of 17

Year: 2017


[Hook: Violent J]
Help me!
There thrilling me, killing me
There rocking me chopping me x2
(Just because you're paranoid)
Don't mean they're not after you
(Just because you're paranoid)
Don't mean they're not after you

[Verse 1: Lyte]
Trying to stay calm and collect
But I (?) your mom in the neck
I'm on ya front lawn strapped with a bomb and a tech
I'm bout to explode
Lit fuse
Guaranteed its gonna hit news
And film it all on youtube these loose screws gon' get views
I'm a loose cannon like Bruce Banner with two hammers like bow
I got rude manners theres two bananas I smack ya bitch like ow
I'm heated ya better stay seated its going down like an anchor
I'm sick of drowning in anger
Bitch now you in danger
I'm loading and running you catching a slug
Get that prescription you gonna need something for blood
Understand I'm not the one to play with
Don't say shit
Have you pussies bleeding like a psycho in my basement
I'm wasted in a drunken rage so punk try
(?) that's enough why
Act like a tough guy
Now chump die
Now fuck guy
Sorry and shit no turning back
This sicker side of me
Yeah I just murdered that


[Verse 2: Ouija Macc]
Now who in the fucc outside my window
Who in the fucc pinched out of my endo
Sucker better get low this bout 4 grams light
Did I smoke last night I don't think so
Why my bitch all on her phone she probably telling her friends I'm a schizo
And an asshole
I'm a dick though
Why my nutsack got a zit though
Is it herpes or a pimple
But my left arm got an itch though
Am I dying? I don't think so
But I think so on the real though
Noided I ain't noided this is reality I can't avoid it
Police be following me and I know it
Where is my mind I think somebody stole it
These ain't my thoughts anymore its corrupted
This ain't my brain anymore I'm a poet
I cock the 9 back and fuccing explode it
Shadow is plotting and I can't control it
Can't even shit no more
Thinking the creature gon' come out the toilet
Can't even smoke no more
I ain't gon' hit it unless I see you roll it
Ok I'm noided
I can admit it
I ain't been able to trust in a minute
(?) if you fidget
Why in the fucc are you looking around homie
I put your brain on the ground homie
What in the fucc was that I sound I'm feeling like someones recording me now homie


[Verse 3: Violent J]
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