Too Dope

Album: F.T.F.O.M.F.

Year: 2017


So it’s T-W-O
Pss nah man
Oh oh it’s the number two and the word dope
Not this time guy
Get that shit right

[Verse 1]
Yep and I’m stomping walking in my wore out Lugz
Representing all the gutter ass street hard scrubs
No love for the upper crush shit don’t stink fucks
Still proud where i came from that’s what’s up
Catch me on the freeway asking spirit change
Blow it on a hoe getting brains been a little strange
Ever since a little tike my nuts would hang
And still remain the same three piece balls and wang
Motherfucking unforgettable once I’m in they earhole
I put that on my top bitch down to my bottom hoe
Here we go might explode straight up Shaggy overload
His own shit (?) headphones with those
I leave my trademarks crush a bitch ass chin
For you know what’s happening i sting you again
Abu Dhabi motherfuckas better feel this here
We’ll make it rain on you offers, Warriors
Don’t matter what the matter, any matter, don’t matter
Less’ we talking bitches titties bigger or flatter (what!
Who cares is that bitch sucking dick
D P O D O O Fuck! dyslexic

Too Dope!

[Verse 2]
Smashing, banging on these broke ass hoes

Might see me on the street

Faygo Root Beer float
I'm rolling in my 82' Broham boat

Uncle Buck style, back fire on you hoes

My flannel foul run pattern style
A wolf red pepper need a towel now
When I was young I'd practice black magic

Got into it balls deep worser than a crack habit

For elite members only
I rep a members only jacket, I'm that homie

Ain't smelling my shit

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